20 Useful Tips To Improve Your Presence On Social Networks

20 Useful Tips To Improve Your Presence On Social Networks

Creating quality (original) content, generating engagement and forging lasting relationships on social networks to achieve your goals takes a lot of time. Big and multinational corporations often have teams of people who deal only with this; moreover, their budget for these activities is practically infinite. But for all those small businesses that can’t afford it, some excellent tips can be followed more or less quickly that can help you take advantage of this potent means of communication: Social Media Marketing.

Track Visits To Your Site

The more you know about your visitors, the better you’ll be able to meet their content, layout, and design needs. Use a tool that follows your site visitors, allowing you to collect information, even in real-time, regarding personal data, geographical position, navigation times, origin, interests, the technology used, etc. Take advantage of the information obtained to improve your website.

Reduce The Size Of Your Images

One of the parameters used by Google to attribute a specific ranking to your site is the time it takes to load; that’s why it’s important to lighten your images whenever possible. Use an image compressor that allows you to upload, reduce, and download them in a new format without sacrificing quality.

Check The Availability Of Your Brand On Social Networks

To create an account on Social Networks, you must verify that your name is available during registration. You probably will only have time to register on some social networks, but try to write at least on the main ones. Even if you wait to use them, they can be helpful for future developments.

Study The Behavior Of Your Competitors On Social Networks

Observing what your competitors are doing gives you a competitive advantage, especially if your competitors don’t study you. Analyze the contents disseminated and the effects obtained, especially those shared on your distribution network. Find out who your competitors interact with the most and try to understand if it also coincides with your target. Find out which hashtags are most used by your competitors to get an idea of ​​​​the kind of shared content

Use Tools (GOOD) To Create Automatic Posts On Social Networks

Software, plugins and apps allow you to “automate” the process of inserting content on social networks. Use these tools only if you can’t handle the work because entering content manually is always better.

Check For Broken Links On Your Site Broken

Links to pages inside or outside your site cause a lousy impression and damage your location in the eyes of search engines.

Optimize Your Site’s Content For Search Engines

Optimizing ALL content is the first step in positioning your site on search engines. An optimized site is indexed faster by the search engine. There are several tools and how-to guides full of advice on this topic, just google them.

Stimulate Image Sharing

If your content includes important and captivating images, it will be good to encourage users to share them on social networks (such as Pinterest, for example). Remember to always include pictures in your content.

Implement A Social Sharing System

Insert a bar for sharing content on Social Networks IN ALL PAGES of your site, and make sure that the bar can also be seen with mobile devices.

Generate Business With vCita

If you want to encourage your visitors to interact with social media starting from a page on your site (for example, click “like” on the Facebook fan page), create a popup page (perhaps after a specific pre-established time interval ) containing the content (e.g. the fan page) to stimulate users to take action (call to action).

Connect The Contents Of Your Site

When you write new content, insert a link to other content previously published on your site, consistent with the topics covered. Internal links help increase search engine rankings: Google gives higher scores to pages containing relevant links than those with none. Of course, links from external sites are even more effective, but internal links are still valid. So, once you write your content, look at the ones already published to see where you can place the various links.

Add Text To Your Photos

Sharing photos on Social Networks and adding text will help you increase the chances of attracting the attention of users who view the images on their news feeds on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Regenerate Content That Is Always Current

Some content always remains relevant, such as a post on marketing strategies. If you have published many interesting articles, you must keep promoting them for those who may have yet to see or even remember them or for new users.

Look For Hashtag Conversations In Your Industry

Hashtags are used to group conversations around a specific topic. They are trendy mainly on Twitter but are now gaining ground on other platforms such as Facebook and Google+. Use a tool to view all discussions around a specific hashtag across all social networks.

Track Events With Google Analytics Annotations

If you’ve noticed sudden spikes or dips in traffic on Google Analytics but can’t remember how often then it’s time to use annotations to track all happenings and note such peaks or dips on Google Analytics. Annotations are easy to add and worth the effort as they help you remember critical events when you view your stock history.

Show The Facebook Like Badge To New Subscribers

If new readers sign up for your newsletter, redirect them to a thank you page with a Facebook button to make them a fan of your page. Since they’ve already committed to you by subscribing, they are likely to become your fans on Facebook as well. The conversion rate is around 25% and the embed code for the Like box can be found directly on Facebook.

Set Up Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for monitoring the performance of your blog, but you don’t read it enough. An easy and quick way to remedy the problem is to set up weekly (or monthly) reports via email: a periodic report helps you keep all your traffic under control.

Find Out Which Content From Your Competitors’ Sites Is Most Popular

Try to understand which range from your competitors is most shared, which social networks and the number of times.

Drive Your Facebook Ads To A Landing Page

If you’re using ads to recruit fans to your Facebook page, don’t drive them to your timeline. Instead, nudge them to a landing page that convinces them to follow you. This way, you will increase your conversions considerably.

Drive Facebook Sharing By Offering Contests With Rewards

A great way to recruit fans and promote a contest on Facebook is to encourage participants to share it with friends by offering them something in return. For example, you can have people participate after signing up for the page or the newsletter, as long as they involve friends. Initiatives like this help you spread the word about your contest and increase the number of fans.

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