4 Mistakes Prevent You From Making The Most Of Your CRM

4 Mistakes Prevent You From Making The Most Of Your CRM

Some companies have equipped themselves with a CRM system, but contrary to their expectations, they are unhappy. They don’t use it and wouldn’t make the same investment. In this situation, the company argues that a CRM solution is just a waste of time and does not benefit its business.

Is this the case? Over the years, we have had the opportunity to take on various jobs from companies dissatisfied with their CRM. It was enough to correctly analyze the entrepreneurial needs to understand that the problem was not their software’s (alleged) uselessness but how this was exploited. Do you also recognize yourself in the description just exposed? Don’t worry. Let’s see together the 5 main errors that do not allow you to make good use of your CRM software:

You Have Installed A CRM But Have Not Decided To Purchase Training On It

There are many types of CRM, some with paid licenses, others with free licenses. The latter is tempting to those still determining if this type of investment will be really useful for their company. Therefore, they try to implement it independently, without any training. However, CRM is complex. The freedom to download the software only automatically translates into a machine within everyone’s reach. On the contrary. Only with the right training will you be able to understand how to work with the tools offered by CRM. 

You Need The Right Type Of CRM 

You may have selected software designed for companies that are very different from your reality. The CRM system was born as a blank page to be customized in many aspects, so its structure must follow the company’s needs rather than the other way around. This is one of the countless reasons we blindly recommend Open Source solutions. However, there are also cases where the CRM organization is consistent with the objectives. 

Still, the selection of the proposals on the market has led to an inconvenient choice for the company. Let’s take an example: Hubspot works very well if you have a site, showcase, e-commerce engine, Email Marketing tool and CRM of the same brand. If only the CRM is implemented, with a connection with other IT tools, Hubspot can become affordable and manageable, although it can theoretically offer a good service to the company.  

Salespeople Refuse To Work With CRM

The managers have understood the benefits that derive from the introduction of a good CRM in the company. Still, your salespeople need to accept its potential or use it. This is a very common obstacle: it is difficult for someone used to working a certain way to make any small change in their routines. Sometimes, employers cannot motivate them enough. 

Very often, the analyst or consultant manages to capture the attention of salespeople and make them understand how much time and energy they would save using a good CRM system. It’s not about skill. It’s about the experience: each person has different reticence and restraints. In our ten-year experience, we have identified the main difficulties keeping the commercials away from IT innovations. Once you appreciate the difference between having a CRM or not, no one can go back.

You Have Not Integrated The CRM With The Other Software Used Daily In The Various Departments 

In this case, the situation is very delicate because using lots of software that does not communicate with each other considerably increases the collaborators’ work (instead of decreasing it!). It will be necessary to log in several times on different applications and repeat the same information from one instrument to another. To overcome these useless and harmful inconveniences, Single Sign-on techniques can be implemented via LDAP, Active Directory or SAML or integrations between Gmail-CRM, Outlook-CRM, Exchange-CRM, ERP-CRM etc.).

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