AI At The Service Of Security: Advantages And Practical Applications

AI At The Service Of Security: Advantages And Practical Applications

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a precious ally for company security, a useful resource not only for guaranteeing cybersecurity but also for protecting physical structures and neutralizing the risks associated with possible theft and damage involving machinery and buildings. Indeed, thanks to the most cutting-edge AI technologies, it is possible to transform simple video surveillance into the most advanced video analysis aimed at making a possible intrusion visible and effectively preventing it.

Artificial Intelligence applied in the security field, in particular, enhances the protection and prevention systems based on video surveillance, intercepting intrusions and detecting specific events and abnormal behavior linked to unauthorized presences.

Video Analysis With AI: Advantages And Solutions

Video analysis integrated with Artificial Intelligence technologies makes it possible to automatically recognize the events recorded by a video surveillance system, reading, processing and interpreting the images in real time to support the prevention of adverse events adequately.

The winning combination between the two technologies, in particular, makes monitoring more accurate and reliable, identifying even particularly complex objects and analyzing an event in detail even in the presence of adverse weather conditions, guaranteeing attention that a human operator could not guarantee. Furthermore, applying Artificial Intelligence to video surveillance systems allows you to effectively enhance Security by sending a message only when potential threats are detected, avoiding generating false alarms.

AI Video Solution, Axitea’s All-In-One Solution

Axitea, which operates as a Global Security Provider on the international market, has created the innovative AI Video Solution to make any camera smart by transforming it into an alarm sensor, enabling intelligent video analysis on video streams from any device, new or pre-existing. Using video cameras and Artificial Intelligence, AI Video Solution allows automatic recognition of events and monitoring and intervention on alarms. 

Compatible with a wide range of video surveillance devices and certified for Onvif profiles, Axitea’s solution ensures that any system, even if not of the latest generation, can be enriched with smart video analysis functions. AI Video Solution allows video cameras to detect and monitor individuals, vehicles and objects within the framed scenes, reporting to the Control Room or the SOC any event deemed of interest, such as intrusion detection. Furthermore, thanks to the numerous ready-to-use AI algorithm packages, it is possible to customize the analyzes to be carried out and use tailor-made tools to examine the scene according to specific needs.

The Green Vocation Of AI Video Solution

One of the peculiarities of AI Video Solutions is the possibility of upgrading an existing video system without installing new cameras and replacing existing systems with more sophisticated products. By contributing to the fight against climate change and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Axitea provides a video analysis service with Artificial Intelligence applied to cameras already installed at customers’ premises.

Axitea In Support Of Martur Fompak International

Effectively responding to the request for highly innovative security systems from manufacturing companies, Axitea took care of designing and constructing the perimeter security system and internal anti-intrusion alarm for Martur Fompak International, an active in the automotive accessories sector. First, thanks to the 13 video cameras equipped with Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to activate the automatic detection of any intrusions in the areas subject to video surveillance to block unauthorized access quickly. 

Furthermore, the 19 video streams are analyzed in real-time by Axitea’s SOC specialists, ready to intervene directly in case of a justified alarm. Axitea has developed an anti-collision system implemented at the loading docks of the plant, also providing dedicated sensors and cameras equipped with AI to protect the safety of workers, reducing the risk of accidents during loading and unloading operations. Finally, to complete the security part, Axitea has implemented the security system by connecting the fire alarm signal, monitored by the SOC operations center.

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