Is The Apple Watch Worth Buying?

Is The Apple Watch Worth Buying?

You were used to your traditional watch, or even hadn’t worn a watch for years, but this iPhone thing was starting to fall short and you’ve decided to expand your family with a new member of the Apple clan. But do you know how to use the Apple Watch? Like the rest of the smartwatches, the Apple smartwatch gives you a series of advantages. The first of them is the comfort when managing certain things from your wrist, without having to depend on the mobile device, especially when we are doing things such as running in the park, shopping, carrying the mobile in our bag or directly we have left in another room. 

Comfort and immediacy are undoubtedly two of the key factors of your new toy.  Apple is giving a lot of pampering to its smartwatch and has more and more customization options. The Apple Watch is much more than a device, it is a fashionable garment that we can update according to the occasion. Although the Apple Watch came on the market with quite reduced models, it is already possible to choose the size of the watch, an infinite number of straps, or the material of the case, creating almost personal watches. In addition to its collections in collaboration with the French brand Herm├Ęs and the great giant Nike. All that is great, good for Apple. 

What Else Can Be Done With An Apple Watch?

Apple has created a parallel micro world for all its customers. Hence there are clear defenders and clear detractors of the Apple world. If you are from the first group, everything around you will be Apple. It is intended to be so. Your AirPods, Mac or iPad, iPhone, and now Apple Watch. Everything works perfectly connected, everything flows, in all these devices design and technology coexist in perfect harmony. 

It is possible that even your mobile payment method is through Apple Pay, the platform created by Apple for this purpose, and not from any other mobile payment option. The first thing you will have to do when you remove the Apple Watch from its beautiful white case is to synchronize it with your smartphone. 

The dial of your watch will stop being static to be a mini world of possibilities full of small icons, each one belonging to an application. The truth is that there are few things that you cannot do with your Apple Watch, especially if you have other accessories such as wireless headphones with which to talk on the street, for example. Your personal Siri assistant will also attend to you on your wrist and can access your contact list to call whoever you want.

If your Apple Watch is of the latest generation, you can also talk on the phone without having to carry your smartphone with you. You can use the Apple Watch to keep abreast of what is happening on your social networks, view WhatsApp messages and reply to emails or even use your smartwatch as a remote control to take pictures with your phone from a distance. 

The great handicap is that Apple Watch does not have a WhatsApp application, that is why we have said that you can see an incoming message and reply on that thread, but you will not be able to enter your application to write to another person. For practical purposes, you can do everything, or practically everything, that you would normally do with your mobile, without forgetting that we are talking about a much smaller screen. That is, many times you will see what happens on your Apple Watch, but you will perform the actions on your smartphone.

The strong point that can be done with Apple Watch is the control of health and all aspects related to the sports routine. In fact, smartwatches initially emerged for this purpose, what happens is that we use them more and more for life and less for sports. Although all continue to dedicate an important block to this topic. In the case of Apple, they have developed measurement techniques that are capable of indicating your oxygen in the blood or that can even take an electrocardiogram. 

In addition to having specific applications for sleep control and generating suitable routines for a good rest. Apple Watch will be your ideal training companion, it serves to monitor your performance, record the movements you have made, measure your training times, and help you create routines. Another way to use your next-generation Apple Watch is to link with your family members.

If you have young children, grandparents, or older parents, you can each have an Apple Watch and, even if they don’t have an iPhone, you can create a family network that allows you to stay connected, call, and receive messages. As you can see, Apple does not stitch without thread and these are just some of the things the Apple Watch is used for. 

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