Applications To Improve The Operation Of The Mobile

Applications To Improve The Operation Of The Mobile

Applications To Improve The Operation Of The Mobile : Various apps take full advantage of the performance, security and battery of the smartphone

Filling up the mobile’s memory or having too many actions running at once are the main reasons why a phone’s performance worsens. Fortunately, a number of applications improve its operation, increase battery life and strengthen the security of the smartphone. Clean Master, Tasker and even Avast are several of the apps that are detailed in the following lines.

According to a recent study, 85% of users access the Internet from their mobile. Smartphones require maintenance if the user wants to keep it in optimal operating condition. From the day you start using a phone, it will begin to deteriorate, the battery will last less with each charge, the terminal will work slower and, sometimes, using it could become a bad experience for the user. However, there are apps that improve phone performance, battery life, and security.

Apps To Improve Mobile Performance

The performance of a mobile phone is the speed at which various tasks can be performed. A low-end terminal should work smoothly, as long as applications that demand a lot from the device, such as those in video games, are not used.

There are two ways to check if your phone has a performance issue. First of all, it will be obvious if the terminal is going to blow or spend more time than usual to carry out simple actions. Another way to look at it is for the user to compare the performance of the device on the first day they used it with the current one.

Therefore, the first recommendation in this section is to be careful with what is downloaded and installed on the mobile. If an application is installed and no longer used, it is best to delete it. Moving photos and videos from your phone to your computer and deleting them will also help free up memory.

If the damage is already done, there are apps that can help optimize the phone’s performance. Considering the simplicity of use, speed and results obtained, these are two of the most convenient options:

  • Clean Master. It is one of the most popular apps to free up memory and optimize a mobile. In addition, its use is very intuitive. In less than five minutes the user can delete all the junk files that are saved on the phone (deleted apps, browsing history, cookies, temporary files, etc.).
  • CCleaner. This application also allows you to manage the memory of the device by making junk files and temporary files disappear from the smartphone. The difference with Clean Master is that this app, despite being less intuitive, offers more customization options. Periodic cleanings can be scheduled and system information accessed.

Apps To Make The Battery Last Longer

No matter how well a mobile works, if the battery charge lasts a short time, you will not be able to take advantage of its performance. The first thing to understand is that the lithium batteries of current phones are losing charging capacity over time; it is inevitable. If the battery lasts very little, just a few hours, it is most likely worn out and not reversible. Therefore, it will be best to replace it with a new one.

To maximize the life of a battery, it is advisable to try to avoid overcharging it. Charging your phone with 20% instead of 1% helps extend battery life. There is a false belief that it is advisable to make the first charge of the battery of a new phone after discharging it completely. With the old nickel batteries, this statement was true, but not today, as it is harmful to lithium batteries.

Once the health of the battery is assured, the next step is to optimize its consumption. There are many applications to save battery and, although some of them are not so well known, they can be even more effective.

  • Lux Lite. The higher battery consumption in a phone with normal use is a consequence of the lighting of the screen. Therefore, controlling it can help a lot. Lux Lite allows you to reduce the brightness of the screen below the factory values of the mobile. It also allows you to customize the brightness of the screen according to the ambient light.
  • Tasker. It’s the ultimate customization app for Android and requires a little practice to get the most out of it. Among its functions, it lets you schedule automatic actions on the phone that depend on external events. It can detect when you get home and, consequently, turn on the wifi automatically or deactivate it when going out to the street to save battery. It costs three dollars.

Applications To Improve Mobile Security

As a general rule, if applications are downloaded from Google Play or App Store, reliable websites are visited and you have adequate passwords, it is not necessary to install an antivirus on your smartphone. Antiviruses are only recommended, if the user downloads files from the Internet.

  • Avast. It is one of the most popular free antivirus and also has a mobile version. In addition to scanning the system and apps for viruses, it allows you to filter calls and, most interestingly, has a GPS tracking option that can be activated remotely in case the phone is lost.

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