B2B Newsletter: How To Build Effective Communication

B2B Newsletter: How To Build Effective Communication

B2B newsletter is particularly effective tool for some companies that must address multiple targets simultaneously. But only on the condition that communications are targeted and distinct, which follow logic and criteria utterly different from B2C. Where to start?

Each Target Has Its Email Marketing Strategy

Every winning communication strategy has a targeted and precise identification of the reference target among its presuppositions, without which one’s efforts are wasted. Email marketing is not exempt from this logic, one of the online strategies that have grown the most in recent years, thanks to the ability to establish one-to-one communication and the explicit will expressed by the user in the registration phase. But not all newsletters have to be the same. On the contrary. Many differences between the various types depending on the logic established for the two macro targets that a company may wish to address: B2B and B2C. 

Here we want to focus on the first of the two, often less investigated and in-depth in email marketing but strategic for the proper functioning of many brands’ communications. Let’s start with a fundamental promise: although our communications are always aimed at people, the urges, needs and interests of B2B are entirely different from those of consumers, even if the company and the product are the same. Therefore, the tone of voice must be different: more technical, vertical and detailed for business-to-business, more friendly, simple and conversational with B2C. In short, using the same communication for both targets is highly discouraged, under the penalty of losing attention. Yet, simultaneously, we are engaged in a double and almost impossible persuasion work.

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B2B Newsletters: What Interests Your Target?

Once it has been clarified that a few errors in email marketing can be more severe than creating the same communications for B2B and B2C, we must explain further. For truly effective communication, it is essential to be able to question what are the real needs of our target. There needs to be more than a broad and sometimes vague idea. Precise information is required that brands have yet to investigate thoroughly. Often this type of contribution can come directly from the companies’ sales networks and commercial departments, which touch on the requests of the reference market daily. All our communication must then be based on this, from the messages we want to convey to the tone we intend to maintain.

It is also essential to define the objective we want to achieve with the newsletters, which must be one and at the center of all communication. This way, we can refine our communications and carefully evaluate sending times and frequencies. A newsletter can be strategic and perform today, based on seasonality, fairs, and various occasions, but little tomorrow. All this was always bearing in mind that only communication with high added value, attractiveness, which brings benefits and creates new ideas, can capture the attention of users—especially starting from the subject and the summary, which must act as catalysts for a click that becomes immediate. In short, it is forbidden to improvise regarding B2B newsletters.

Email Marketing To Support The Sales Network

A B2B email-marketing strategy can also be strong support for the success of the commercial activities within a company, even and above all for more structured ones, with an agent network already aimed at these purposes. In addition to the more prominent possibility of activating a new high-performing and effective tool, there is the opportunity to create a synergistic relationship with the sales department, where one supports the other to achieve the same goal. Take, for example, the launch of a novelty, which must be maximized. 

The newsletter can anticipate the sales agent introducing the product and its characteristics and creating the proper curiosity. Conversely, it can be sent a few days later as a reminder and reinforce some concepts already expressed in the presence. This way, we can maintain a direct relationship with our customers and potential customers and improve the company’s reputation, especially if content and visual creatives are treated in detail. Therefore, email marketing for B2B represents a strategy that fits perfectly into the great activity of promoting a brand, made up of multiple tools that must work in harmony to really work.

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