Banks For Companies: The Ranking Of The Best For Business

Banks For Companies: The Ranking Of The Best For Business

Deciding the bank of reference for your company is a choice that should be considered. Here is the ranking of the best banks for business. You must choose a reputable bank to best manage your business and company account. Below are the top 5 of the best business banks.

Guide To Choosing The Best Bank For Your Business

The choice of the bank to which a company must refer is a fundamental step. Companies need a stable current account to evaluate income, expenses, and various operations. Nowadays, many banks for innovative companies offer various advantages and services. To understand the best bank for individual needs, it is necessary to consider various factors, including reliability, costs, security and functionality, and advanced services.

Top 5 Of The Best Banks For Business

Below is the ranking of the 5 best banks for companies that offer many services and advantages to the latter. Furthermore, this is a ranking of both traditional and online banks to choose the one that is considered the most suitable. Here is the ranking:

  1. Total;
  2. Money;
  3. Revolut business;
  4. General;
  5. Until.


Tot is one of the top corporate banks to consider. This institute offers the possibility of managing multiple bank accounts and company payment cards through a single offer. The Tot Bank offers various digital and innovative services, including:

  1. Possibility of opening an iban account;
  2. Make SEPA transfers without any limit and in digital mode;
  3. VISA credit card specializes in company purchases.

Specifically, it is a perfect bank for companies that work on an international scale to have the possibility of receiving transfers from many countries, both European and non-European.


Among the best banks to consider is the Soldo Institute. It is a service that offers a company prepaid card with which to manage expenses through the current account. One of the first advantages of Soldo certainly concerns its ease of use. The platform provides very simplified management of expenses and current account management. Soldo can be used on a scale, allowing you to add a specific card to Apple Pay for digital and in-store payments. Finally, the bank offers 4 plans: Start, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. These are distinguished by price and, consequently, by services available in the package.

Revolut Business

Directly authorized by the Central Bank, RevolutBusiness offers current accounts, tools, and services for businesses and professionals. The banking institution boasts a ton of features offered to customers. In particular:

  1. Possibility of block payments;
  2. Ability to manage accounts in multiple currencies;
  3. Manage payments directly with digital;
  4. Digital corporate cards and not available;
  5. Possibility for all employees to participate in the management of company expenses.

Furthermore, one of the most relevant features of RevolutBusiness is its extreme security and reliability. The bank protects money by guaranteeing a 3D Secure service for online payments and managing all authorizations via the company app.


Banca Generali is a real point of reference in the financial sector. In particular, the company’s goal is constant evolution and innovation. For this, the Generali bank offers its users:

  1. Cutting-edge and innovative services;
  2. Private consultants specialized in the sector are constantly available;
  3. innovative products for the care of personal assets;
  4. Tools to improve and encourage the client-consultant relationship.

The bank has established itself to such an extent that it is present throughout the country with more than 45 bank branches, 137 offices, and more than 2,000 financial advisors available.


Finom is a valid banking alternative for all professionals and self-employed workers. In particular, the bank offers the possibility of opening a current account in a very short time. It is not even 48 hours of work. Finom also offers several advantages to its users. Between these:

  1. Availability of an online business current account;
  2. Both physical and digital prayer cards;
  3. Multi-banking service, i.e., managing multiple accounts from the same reference platform ;
  4. Service of issuing and sending invoices in a very short time.

Finom offers two different subscription plans. The Solo plan, free for the first month, will cost 5 euros per month after that. The Start plan, free for the first six months, will cost 15 euros monthly. Big helps companies wishing to improve online and on-site sales with Intelligent Detection Systems. Business Intelligence Group has developed customer behavior analysis systems using intelligent detection systems. This makes it possible to spontaneously collect behaviors, perceptions, and evaluations from customers or online users that can hardly be detected with other research techniques.

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