What Are The Best CMS On The Market?

What Are The Best CMS On The Market?

The Content manager is absolutely essential today If you are dedicated to content marketing or e-commerce. There are many content managers available on the market, so to make the right choice, we first have to know what we need. CMS can be used to manage almost any type of website, from corporate websites and blogs to e-commerce or online training platforms.


Drupal is a CMS that scores really high for security. It is the open-source CMS behind popular websites and some big universities. It is especially appropriate if you want to create a custom site that handles a large amount of data. it can be installed with a 1-click application from your hosting control panel.

Drupal is extremely flexible but its costs are high. It is a more complex CMS than WordPress and Joomla. It offers higher levels of security so if this is an important issue for your business, this is the most logical option. Of course, adding content and managing users is very simple, It is really scalable and is probably more appropriate for large businesses than startups or small businesses.


In today’s CMS market WordPress is the undisputed king and it is behind more than a third of all websites on the internet. It is very flexible and has thousands of templates and plugins to create a custom site for you. In addition, it is very well designed from an SEO point of view, so it makes it very easy for you to optimize your website for SE’s.


PrestaShop can be configured with a single click in our hosting control panel. With hundreds of thousands of installations, it is extremely popular and you can create and maintain an attractive online store with many features.

It is free and if you are just starting out, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to learn to use this tool and its intuitive interface. It has all the functions that any salesperson will want to use and a very attractive administration and information area. If you think you really need to customize your online store over and over again, you will probably have to hire a PrestaShop developer. If you want to add some extra functionality, you will have to buy extra plugins. 


The very popular open-source content manager is Joomla. It has a wide variety of templates and extensions. Its flexibility makes it an ideal choice for creating complex websites or websites with a large number of custom elements, but it is best for users who already have some experience in CMS.


Wix is suitable for beginners, as it has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool and many pre-designed and mobile-friendly templates. In return, it has several limitations to take into account: you cannot change the template once you have chosen it and the free version includes ads.


It is a  comprehensive inbound marketing solution, with everything you need to execute your strategy. If you already use other modules of this software or are considering doing so, its CMS is a great idea to be able to manage everything from the same place.


The great advantage of Blogger is its ease of use. It is a free Google CMS and is specially designed for blogging.  You can launch your own blog in a few minutes without having to worry about the technical aspects.


WooCommerce is the most attractive option if you want to stay in WordPress but want to sell online. It is free and can be easily installed using a WordPress plugin. One of its strengths is that it adapts very well to mobile devices and has a lot of attractive themes to choose from.

It is very scalable but to get the best out of WooCommerce you may need some payment plugins. Technical support is offered through a large and active community, and being WordPress-based it scores very high in SEO terms. 


The Magento CMS has two versions: a free version that you can install on your own hosting  (Magento Open-Source) and a paid version (Magento Commerce). The paid version has full support features and includes hosting.

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