Which Are The Best SLR Cameras For Beginners

Which Are The Best SLR Cameras For Beginners

The variety of SLR cameras that exists in the current market is so wide that anyone interested in starting in the world of photography who has no technical notions is a real hell to decide on one model or another. In this post we are going to summarize what we consider the 9 best SLR cameras to get started in the world of digital photography and thus synthesize the options so you can choose which one is right for you.

Classification Criteria For SLR Cameras For Beginners

When comparing SLR cameras we will organize the classification by brands, quality and price. Surely some model will remain in the inkwell but I will present you 9 more than interesting cameras to start in digital photography with the best value for money.


First of all we have the Canon EOS 4000D kit with the 18-55 III lens of 18 megapixels. The canon brand is one of the best alternatives for the amount of offer in terms of lenses and the one that comes with the kit is quite versatile, covering a focal field more than enough to make from landscape photography and architecture to portraits. For only 230 dollars we can enjoy this magnificent camera, which despite its price offers us an exceptional image quality.

Another model of the Canon brand to consider is the 3000D with the same kit lens 18-55 III also with an 18 megapixel sensor. It is very similar to the 4000D but this one has a 4-inch screen compared to the 2.7 of the previous one. We can find it around 290 dollars.

Ending with Canon, another interesting option is the 2000D with the same kit lens 18-55 III. This camera offers us a great level of detail thanks to its 24 megapixels and we can find it around 340 dollars.

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The cheapest option of Nikon we have in its model D3500 with kit lens 18-55 VR with a price that is around 350 dollars. Its strengths are the 24-megapixel sensor and the ISO sensitivity ranging from 100 to 25,600.

In second place we find the D5300 model, also with a 24-megapixel sensor and a shooting burst of 5 fps. This jewel can be ours for an approximate price of 410 dollars.

The latest Nikon model that I consider ideal for the introduction to digital photography is the D5600 with the same kit lens as the previous ones. With it we will get fabulous images of 6000 x 4000 pixels and has a folding screen, useful to record ourselves or take selfies. We can find it for about 480 dollars.


This brand is betting on mirrorless SLR cameras and has a range of value for money that has to be on this list.

The first one I recommend is the Sony ILCE 5000, which features a 20-megapixel sensor, a stabilized kit lens, and an ISO sensitivity for low-light conditions ranging from 100 to 16,000. We can find it in the market for about 240 dollars.

We continue with its older sister, the Sony ILCE 5100, with a 3-inch screen, a 24-megapixel sensor and we can find it with a stabilized kit lens 16-50 for about 390 dollars.

Perhaps the most interesting of all in value for money is the ILCE 6000 model, with the same kit lens, same megapixels but with an improved sensor. We can turn it into our photographic initiation camera for only 450 dollars.

It is important to mention that all models have WiFi technology which allows us to shoot through an application or transfer to our mobile the photographs instantly.

The choice of any model of SLR camera for beginners that I have mentioned in this article is a safe, economical and quality bet to take our first steps in the wonderful world of digital photography. They are very versatile cameras that will allow us to start in almost any photographic discipline at unbeatable prices.

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