Change IP Address: Introducing Different Solutions

Change IP Address: Introducing Different Solutions

Wondering how to change your IP address to surf the web anonymously or to fool geolocation? This is quite possible and can be done with just a few clicks. Several solutions are available to you, including VPN, web proxy and TOR network. Discover in this article the advantages and disadvantages (for some only) of each of these tips.

Why Change IP Addresses?

Just as your postal address helps locate your location in the real world, your IP address plays the same role in the virtual world, the Internet. Indeed, your computer can be identified if you use the Internet Protocol to communicate . Therefore, it is possible to trace you easily.

On the one hand, third-party websites can determine your location . On the other hand, your ISP is able to see the list of platforms you have visited . Thus, there are several reasons to change its IP address.

To protect personal data

Want to prevent your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands? The simplest solution is to hide your IP address to surf the Net anonymously . The principle is simple! Another IP address is assigned to you, preventing anyone from tracking your location .

In the digital age, the personal data of Internet users represents a veritable gold mine . Indeed, many organizations are ready to buy them back at a high price, such as advertising agencies. The latter seek to collect as much data as possible in order to use them for commercial purposes.

They generally use them to determine the types of products or services that may be of interest to you. This is why advertising windows may appear inadvertently in a corner of your Internet browser. Fortunately, solutions like ExpressVPN’s VPN do exist.

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This problem affects all the devices you use to surf the web, both PCs and tablets or Smartphones . To remedy this, simply change the IP address each time you connect . Thus, since your real IP address is invisible , it is impossible for these organizations to know more about you.


By simulating another IP address, in France or abroad, you can rest easy. Even your ISP won’t be able to track your online activities if you’re using a VPN or TOR network . This is not the case with the web proxy. You will find all the details in the sections dedicated to each of these tips.

To bypass geo-restrictions

Some platforms offering specific services, such as those offering streaming video content over the Internet, verify the IP address of users. Their main objective is to prohibit access to people who do not live in a defined geographical area .

This is for example the case of Netflix. For this American platform, only people residing in the United States can access the Netflix US catalog . The same is true for Netflix , intended for users, and its other subsidiaries based abroad. To unblock them, you just need to change your IP address.

This process has many other advantages, especially if you are a fan of P2P file exchanges . Did you know that this activity is illegal ? Eh yes ! You risk getting a hefty fine if you ever get caught. Internet access can be suspended for a defined period if the judge orders it.

You should also know that specialized institutions are embarking on a fierce fight to stop the downloading of files protected by copyright. In the event of an investigation by Hadopi , for example, if your real IP address is perfectly masked, it will be impossible for it to have your name and your contact details .

Fake an IP address with a VPN

By going through a Virtual Private Network, you have the possibility of browsing the Web completely anonymously . Since it will be impossible to locate your real IP address, nothing and no one will be able to stop you from indulging in your favorite online activities.

Change IP address via TOR network

Originally, the TOR network (which stands for The Onion Router) was designed and used by the United States military . Subsequently, this technology was made public , allowing Internet users around the world to use it freely .

The principle of operation is roughly the same as that of proxies. What sets them apart is that the TOR network relies on the interconnection between the Internet users who use it . To make it easier, you use the connection of other network users to hide your real IP address.

The main advantage is that your anonymity is guaranteed (which is obvious since it mainly offers an anonymization service). Indeed, all your traffic benefits from optimal protection since it passes through several levels of encryption .

Before arriving at its destination, your request must first pass through several network nodes along a random trajectory . Tracing the path of the data is made impossible, thus concealing your identity. Potential spies will not be able to know which websites you visit.

How To Check The IP Address Used?

With the many issues relating to online privacy , it is normal to want to protect yourself by changing your IP address. Do you want to make sure that the operation worked well? Nothing’s easier ! To do this, follow the steps below:

Go to the site (without resorting to any of the aforementioned solutions) and note your real IP address

Opt for one of the 3 methods above and write down the IP address displayed

All you have to do is compare these two data which will necessarily be different

Hide your real IP address with ExpressVPN.

The Final Word

As you have seen, the most reliable solution to change IP address and surf the web incognito remains the VPN. Not only does it offer a high level of encryption of all your network traffic , but it also allows you to take advantage of additional security shields .

As a result, the interception of your data is difficult , if not impossible. However, we would like to remind you that it is better to avoid subscribing to free offers , because the services offered are less reliable. Generally, these providers do not apply the no log policy. As a result, your data may fall into the wrong hands.

Web proxies are for occasional use only. Avoid using this method to download torrents , as you risk getting pinned by Hadopi, among others.

Your confidential information is also at risk of being leaked, because proxies are not able to ensure a perfect seal , unlike Virtual Private Networks.

On the TOR network side, if the level of security is relatively high, the problem is mainly on the connection speed side. If you are a fan of P2P file exchanges, for example, opt for a VPN instead… unless you have time (and a lot of patience) to spare!


Is it possible to change its IP address?

You cannot truly identify the IP address that is assigned by your Internet Service Provider. On request, the latter can change it for you, but nothing is certain. It all depends on the service provider you are with. On the other hand, by using a VPN like the one offered by ExpressVPN , as long as your protection is active, you will be able to hide your real IP in order to recover that of one of its servers.

Is it illegal to change IP?

Absolutely not. Changing or hiding your IP address is not illegal. You are within your rights. On the other hand, be vigilant with regard to the activities that you will carry out through your IP address. If you do something illegal, you may indeed face problems/lawsuits.

How to get a new IP address?

If you want your Internet Service Provider to give you a new IP address, you will have to contact them. Otherwise you can always try to reboot your Internet line to see if your IP changes (this is only rarely the case). Only want to get a new IP for a few minutes or hours? In this case, favor the use of a VPN. With ExpressVPN , you will have access to several thousand IP addresses in no less than 94 countries.

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