Communication Channels: 4 Reasons Why BOS Needs A Unified Solution

Communication Channels: 4 Reasons Why BOS Needs A Unified Solution

Communication Channels : Despite modern technologies, authorities and organisations with security tasks often lack standardised communication solutions for ultra-mobile work. Which functions a solution should have.

The conventional communication channels and the mostly self-contained IT infrastructures of authorities and organisations in the security-relevant sector (BOS) are often inefficient. They can also become a real problem. The problem is particularly evident when employees work outdoors. 

For the most part, accident recordings, case documentation, or process processing are still carried out analogously and or implemented with digital tools that are not yet fully integrated into the corresponding backend system. This practice not only generates additional administrative work. It can also quickly lead to security-critical problems such as exchanging sensitive data via communication channels not secured by VS-NFD (classified information – only for official use).

Encrypted Communication Channels Are So Important

Read below why encrypted communication paths are so important in this critical area of ​​application and what requirements suitable solutions should meet.

The Connection Between Office And Field Service Is Crucial: 

Employees must be able to do their work flexibly wherever it arises and work independently of devices and platforms. Ultra-mobile work in the field and the sensitive transmission of information to central systems are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a uniform and secure solution is required to guarantee the encrypted end-to-end transfer of confidential data at any time and from any location and implement immediate synchronisation of the processes.

Organisations Must Be Able To Communicate More Easily With Each Other: 

The use of standardised, uniform tools is essential for uncomplicated communication and seamless cooperation between authorities and organisations. These must also be independent of temporal and local conditions. This way, everyone involved in an ongoing operation can be more easily integrated into communication and joint work.

Communication Channels At BOS Are Subject To Security Standards

Solutions Must Be Able To Do More Than Communicate: 

In many cases, the necessary mobile working of the employees in the BOS requires data transmission. This usually goes beyond emails, text messages, or phone calls. The communication of processes and the sharing of sensitive data such as reports, laboratory evaluations, images, witness statements, and the personal organisation of the employees working in the field should be covered by a comprehensive and sufficiently protected tool. In addition to the security camera of the mobile device and the Gmail email client, this also includes the calendar and the Internet browser.

BOS Communication Is Subject To Security Standards: 

Uniform and ultra-mobile communication and ultra-mobile work solutions for the security-critical area of ​​responsibility of authorities and internal security organisations should generally be subject to the VS-NfD standard. On this secure technological basis, employees can also communicate sensitive data. The standardisation of these solutions also prevents the emergence of shadow IT. And can contribute to the fact that employees do not have to resort to personal devices for business purposes due to a lack of alternatives.

Mobile Emergency Services Need Intelligent Solutions

“We must give the mobile emergency services the means they need to carry out their activities safely and comfortably at all times.” “Although it no longer poses a major technical challenge today, there is a lack of widespread use of smart end devices with secure solutions. Ideally, these are approved by the Federal Office for Information Security.”

“Especially in ​​BOS, very fragmented silo solutions have been used for a long time, so different technologies and tools are in use. Of course, this practice makes consistent communication and seamless cooperation difficult. Certified standards are first required for an ultra-mobile, uniform, and secure communication solution. Building on this, platform-independent technologies can make mobile working for the BOS industry significantly easier and safer”.

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