What Are The Types Of Content Marketing?

What Are The Types Of Content Marketing?

Nowadays, consumers are no longer satisfied with just knowing about the existence of a product or service. They have the necessary tools to find all the information they need to research a brand or company, before making a purchase. You must know it is vital that you know what is the best strategy to achieve it. This includes not only blog posts, but a whole content structure that is useful for consumers’ day-to-day life.

What Is Content Marketing?

It consists of the planning, creation, and distribution of interesting and educational content for a specific audience. The generated texts must respond specifically to the preferences and needs of the so-called buyer persona, as it is in this way that we can connect with them. 

The result is that you will grow your network of clients and leads, since you will be providing them with valuable information and, at the same time, you will expand the growth opportunities. Remember that you are more likely to make a purchase or business with a known brand and for which we feel empathy than with one that we do not know at all.

Through a good content marketing strategy, you will be able to generate the engagement you are looking for with your target audience. Keep in mind that consumers have high requirements both in the information they expect to receive and in the way in which a brand or company provides it to them.

It is vital to produce a true quality text considering that the audience has more power than ever to choose the type of content they want to consume and how to interact with it. You must bear in mind that the main objective is to obtain some benefit for those who read it, such as clarifying doubts, teaching something, solving a problem, etc. 

Types Of Content Marketing

A brand can launch through content marketing different tactics depending on the type of platform or format that is chosen and the impact that it wants to have. The most frequent are:


Inbound marketing tools are very powerful to share information with an informative purpose, whether it is to convert readers into consumers, inform our clients or establish a relationship with the audience. 


More than 50% of consumers are interested in watching videos about the products they buy or about their preferred brands. Among the types that work best, we can highlight product demos, tutorials, how-to videos, announcements, corporate, success stories, and video blogs. Video has become in recent years one of the best formats for content marketing, as it allows users to better capture the attention of the user and makes it easier for them to assimilate and understand.

Social Networks

Social networks have millions of users around the world. Using them allows you to create a direct and close dialogue with the consumer while being segmented according to the type of business and the audience you have.

For Example, Instagram is great for commercial brands, but it can also be useful for almost any business that has something to say and a service to sell. Here are some examples of how Nike uses content on Instagram and is successful.


The podcast can be similar to those of the blog content but in audio format. This style of content is becoming fashionable and more and more users consume it to be informed or entertained. This type of digital audio content available online is an alternative way for your potential clients to learn about new topics and expand their knowledge anywhere and at any time. 


It won’t allow interaction with the audience, but they convey the message visually and directly. Despite not being exclusive to social networks, they are easy to share and, as such, have the potential to go viral and reach a large number of consumers.

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