Corporate Data Security: How To Protect Your Company From Hackers

Corporate Data Security: How To Protect Your Company From Hackers

When founding a company, it is important to inform yourself about the security of company data. A company is made up of multiple sectors that allow it to be productive, but one detail that can always be noticed is safety. Without security, your business is exposed and vulnerable, which can hurt you and your customers. 

Sometimes it is possible to find viruses and trojans on the web in a completely random way. Still, at the same time, it is also possible to come across cyber criminals who have the specific purpose of damaging the company. Hacker attacks are, in fact, the number one danger for companies because they undermine their security and credibility.

Use Secure And Unique Passwords

Among the various methods to maintain corporate data security and prevent a hacker attack is to use secure passwords. In fact, for fear of forgetting a given password, users tend to always use the same passwords. Sometimes, these are as simple as the birth date of someone important or a favorite movie. 

While this undoubtedly facilitates users’ memory, it also facilitates the work of hackers. If you use multiple passwords for different security systems, once you know the first password, you can access all the rest. This is why creating different passwords and making them complicated is always helpful. This is possible by using alphanumeric passwords or inserting some symbol inside.

Perform Regular Software Updates

One of the best ways to ensure company data security is to perform regular software updates. Sometimes the updates bring some inconvenience to the device, but, in general, they are designed specifically to improve the security systems from time to time. In fact, the software is updated gradually in order to be able to fight and counter even the presence of new viruses and cyberattacks. 

If you want to ensure that your device is always protected, it is ideal to update the operating system and software frequently. This way, your device will have the updates it needs to defend against new threats. Performing a weekly analysis of the device is also useful to thwart threats that you may not have noticed.

Use Email Security Software

Most of a company’s content passes through email exchanges and passages. For this reason, many cybercriminals may try to exploit emails to steal data, thus undermining corporate data security. To prevent this from happening, using software that can protect your emails from prying eyes and criminal activity is ideal. At the same time, emails are one of the most popular methods cybercriminals use to deliver viruses and trojans to a device. Having a dedicated antivirus program for emails allows you to have greater security. 

An anti spam service automatically filters all emails associated with spam that may contain dangerous elements. In fact, the antivirus and the antispam scan the email that arrives before delivering the message. In this way, the risks are greatly limited, and it is possible to open emails safely. However, it is always best to avoid clicking on any unfamiliar link. Sometimes, malicious links lead to sites that then infect the device. If you are unsure of the sender, it is better to avoid clicking.

Make Regular Data Backups

To ensure good corporate data security, it is always best to make regular backups of your data. In this way, even if something goes wrong, restoring the device to its latest version will be possible. Having more than one copy of your data and information is always a good idea, so you can be sure you will be fine. 

A cybercriminal attack can, in fact, undermine the entire operating system and steal data. Having a regularly updated backup will prevent your company from losing valuable data or suffering excessive damage. To prevent the device from becoming slower, it is always better to set up the backup regularly, especially in the evening, to ensure the company’s daily activities are smooth.

Train Employees On Information Security

To have good corporate data security, training personnel to know how to behave is necessary. In this case, it is mainly about teaching how to manage passwords and, therefore, not use risky passwords. Furthermore, it is always better to inform the staff about the risks that can be run by surfing the web or clicking unsafe and uncertified links. In this way, the company will automatically have more excellent protection.

Do Not Download Unknown Files

To prevent damage to corporate data security, you need to know what you can and can’t download. Many viruses and criminal attacks pass through files that appear harmless but whose origin and source are unknown. For this reason, it is always suggested to refrain from downloading files or programs whose origin is unknown or whose extensions are unclear. These attachments are only apparently harmless and often hide trojans or viruses that not all antivirus programs are able to detect. Once the virus enters your device, it becomes more difficult to prevent and remove it.

Corporate Data Security: What Are The Main Dangers?

To know how to manage corporate data security, it is also necessary to know what dangers the web can hide and what types of threats can be encountered. Let’s see some of them.

Man In The Middle

The Man in the middle is one of the main dangers regarding corporate data security. The name means Man in the middle and aims to insinuate a third presence in a conversation or connection between the two users. The third user is, however, invisible. It is as if two people are talking on the phone while a third person is listening to them without being seen. This attack aims to steal valuable data and information without other users knowing. 

The Man in the middle can take place via Wi-Fi, directly on the internet, or Bluetooth. It is one of the most challenging threats to notice because those involved only sometimes realize what is happening until it is too late. One way to protect yourself from these attacks is to be careful when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, as they often lack security. Using a VPN can be an excellent way to connect to public Wi-Fi without risking attacks.

Corporate Data Security, Phishing

One of the ways in which it is possible to endanger the security of corporate data is through the phenomenon of phishing, which every company and every user is now aware of. Phishing is a type of attack that occurs via email or SMS. In these messages, the user is invited to click on a specific link, which always refers to sites infected with malware or spyware. 

As a result, one’s computer system is damaged, and it is easy to expose company information. Over time, these attacks have improved to the point where it is difficult to tell an actual email from a fake one. This is why it is always good to pay attention. To protect yourself from this attack, it is always a good idea to contact the supposed company that sent the email or SMS to ensure it is accurate and secure.

Data Breach

The Data Breach attack is one of those that can sometimes happen even without a clear malicious intention behind it. These computer incidents lead to the violation of digital data or confidential information. The security of corporate data is therefore found to be damaged. Sometimes these incidents happen completely randomly, perhaps because you clicked on a popup or an unclear site, without any attack behind you. If a similar situation occurs, the site must provide notification and communication to the owner of the website or company so that he can be informed.

Corporate Data Security, Conclusion

Corporate data security is one of the foundations of a company. Without it, the company is continually put at risk, as is the privacy of its customers. For this reason, it is always better to be prepared and have a safety plan at your disposal in order to prevent damage and limit it. A team of experts will be able to study the best strategy to make the company as secure as possible. The Bitman team is always available to its customers with availability and professionalism.

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