Everything About Facebook: Lots Of Tips And Instructions

Everything About Facebook: Lots Of Tips And Instructions

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. The platform is aimed at people who want to network and communicate with other people. But Facebook also includes numerous other functions where users can design their profile page or be informed about upcoming events. But what characterizes Facebook, and how do you navigate the comprehensive social network?

Facebook: What Is It?

Facebook is an interactive platform that allows people around the world to connect. Typical for a social network, the focus is not only on communication with friends, acquaintances and other users. Creating one’s own content and designing individual virtual profiles are also frequently used functions on Facebook.

Facebook Via Browser And The Smartphone App

In addition to the website www.facebook.com, there is also the Facebook app. This includes all applications of the desktop version. An additional function is that the photos taken with the smartphone can be posted directly. The Facebook app can easily be combined with the stand-alone Facebook Messenger app. Users can use this to write to each other (= chat). Both apps are available in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. The messenger service WhatsApp and the social network Instagram are now also subsidiaries of the Facebook group.

Sign Up For Facebook And Create A Profile

To interact on social networks, users need accounts or profiles. Every Facebook user has a profile page where they can introduce themselves and share photos and videos. The social network enables the creation of private profiles to represent one’s person. Companies can also present themselves. Groups can also be found for confidential discussions of common interests. In addition, many stars, musicians, news sites and restaurants have their pages on Facebook. Register on the facebook.com homepage or log in with an existing user account. 

You must be 12 years old and have an email address to sign up for free on Facebook. Enter your name and other personal information to register for the first time. In the following steps after registration, you will go through various stages in which you can refine your Facebook profile and enrich it with information. Anyone who is registered in the social network can, for example, provide information on the following:

  1. Residence
  2. relationship status
  3. schools and universities
  4. employer

This basic information can be viewed in the profile, which contains the personal pinboard. Visitors to the profile can leave messages on this that are publicly visible to everyone. The profile owner himself can also post articles, photos or videos there. All previous entries, reports and pictures are summarized under the term “Chronicle” of a user.

Social Media: Discover Infinite Possibilities On Facebook

Like other social networks, Facebook is all about one thing: networking. Most users want to get in touch with their family and friends. And that’s also very simple: Facebook makes connecting with any other user possible – no matter where they are in the world. The social network also offers many other interactive options.

Find And Add Friends On Facebook

The various Facebook profiles can be networked with each other through friend requests. The maximum limit is limited to 5,000 friends. While logging into Facebook, you can directly connect with your friends on Facebook. To do this, proceed as follows:

Search And Add Friends On Facebook 

  1. After registration, you can also enter the user’s name in the search bar.
  2. Facebook provides you with a list of results.
  3. Then visit a profile and check if it’s the person you want.
  4. Click the Add Friend button right next to your friend’s profile picture.
  5. The person will now receive a friend request.

You will see this in the top line if you receive a friend request. You can also find other media here, such as comments, messages, and flags on posts. You can either confirm, ignore or reject a friend request. It makes sense to consider carefully who you add as a friend because this person gets an insight into your timeline. For example, you can also categorize your friends for a better overview if you want to separate work colleagues and family. You can then restrict the visibility of personal data on Facebook in the settings.

Post To Facebook Timeline

Facebook thrives on the diversity of different posts. The user can share other content with his contacts, whether text, image or video. Uploading the files, called posten (from the English “to post something” – to announce something), can be done both in his and friends’ timelines. With each contribution, marking other people and specifying a place or date is possible. The user can design his Facebook chronicle like a virtual photo album and share various life events. This function of social media is appreciated by many users who let friends and family participate in their own lives via Facebook.

Write Messages On Facebook: Here’s How

Facebook has an integrated chat function that you can use to write personal messages. Users can “talk” to each other individually, in groups or openly – for example, through comment columns or in a group discussion. Other useful functions of Facebook chat are the large selection of emojis and the display of when a person was last online.

Messages from other Facebook users are first saved under the message requests and are only displayed in the regular chats after confirmation. With Facebook Messenger, the social network has even developed a separate application for text and audio communication for smartphones, with which even video calls are now possible. The Messenger app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The “Like” Button: Thumbs Up Approval

On Facebook, there are not only profiles of private individuals. To add more information to their profile page, users can like pages and things they want. So he becomes the so-called “fan”. You can usually choose between the following page categories:

  1. brand or product
  2. Local business or place
  3. company, organization or institution
  4. artist, band or public person
  5. entertainment
  6. Good cause or community

By clicking on the “Like” button, the respective page is provided with a “Like”. Now not only your contacts in the chronicle see that the user likes something. After logging in, you will receive regular updates about the page you have “liked”. Not only can you “Like” pages, but you can also “Like” posts from friends and comment on them. The goal of every social network is the communication and networking of users via the Internet. Social media thus supports the dissemination of knowledge, opinions and other information. Unlike the video platform YouTube, you cannot “dislike” posts and rate them with a thumbs down. On Facebook, the user can only withdraw his likes.

Read News In The Facebook Feed

With a click on the white-blue Facebook symbol at the top left, the user gets to his news – the individual homepage of Facebook. Here he finds out what his friends are posting and information about his “likes”. For example, if he subscribes to a regional newspaper, he usually also receives articles worth knowing about his region. However, the display of the news is not arranged chronologically but is determined by an algorithm. That’s why you also see advertising between the individual posts, which finances Facebook. In addition, the selection of posts is often limited only to the people with whom you have recently interacted. If you want to change this, you can easily change the settings, returning you to see all the updates on Facebook.

Social Media: Groups, Marketplace And More On Facebook

On Facebook, it’s easy to create affinity groups to chat with like-minded people, much like an internet forum. A group can be either public or private. For example, a running group, a choir or a working group can be found through this function. On Facebook, the user can invite friends and family to events or participate in suggested events. If you do not want to make the event visible to everyone, you must set it to “non-public”. In addition, Facebook has a marketplace where users can post and view classified ads.

Conclusion: All This Is Offered By The Social Network Facebook

Facebook allows people to communicate with each other anywhere they are in the world. With the chat function and the messenger app, making video calls on your smartphone is now possible. Through the group function and the creation of events. Users can get in touch with each other, connect and even sell clothes or pieces of furniture via the marketplace.

Setting up your profile page with personal information, photos and “Like” data is just as obligatory on a social network as Facebook is networking with friends and acquaintances. The chronicle keeps all friends updated, and they can like and comment on posts. News from friends and information from “likes” are displayed to users on the home page, which they can optimize as they wish with just a few clicks.

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