Everything You Need To Know About PDF File

Everything You Need To Know About PDF File

A storage format for digital documents is known as Portable Digital Format (PDF). Its main virtue is to facilitate the exchange of digital documentation reliably, regardless of the software, hardware, or operating system that generated the original file. The PDF document can contain links (links, links), buttons that allow interaction, form fields that we can fill in, audio, video, and even business logic. 


Why Is PDF Widely Used?

When generating a PDF file from other documents or images, everything looks the same. Adobe PDF files preserve all the data of the original file, even if the different elements like texts, graphics, spreadsheets, and… come from different sources. Unlike other text documents when you send them to another user, the paragraphs get mixed up, the pages get messy, they show non-readable characters. But the PDF text file does not lose its format.

The receiver of the message receives exactly the same message sent by the sender. In general, when trying to open the same text document in a different operating system (macOS, Microsoft Windows, or GNU / Linux), the open file will appear differently and the structure of the original document will likely be modified. 

Even for different formats, it may not be playable on all operating systems. The PDF format is cross-platform, compatible with all major operating systems.

How To Generate A PDF File?

The PDF is an open specification and it has been integrated into popular office suites such as Microsoft Office 365, where you can instantly convert Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow to PDF with just a push button. 

In addition, a PDF file can be generated from any computer application, even if a specific adaptation has not been developed. It is enough to install a virtual printer in the operating system, and through this gateway, you will be able to generate the PDF. 

How To Open A PDF File?

Multiple ways are used to open a PDF document and view it. The most common is to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program, which is the official one and is also free.

But there are also multiple third-party PDF readers, with a greater or lesser number of functionalities, such as Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF. You can also opt for an e-book reader, which also supports the PDF format, such as Kindle. Other possibilities are to open the PDF file through a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as both have an integrated PDF reader. 

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Is It Safe To Use PDF Files?

When working with electronic documents that may contain sensitive information for the company, such as legal documentation, the result of an internal auditor, the description of innovation, security becomes a fundamental element. So, when you use PDF you can encrypt your PDF files, protect them with a more or less complex password, and prevent anyone else from being able to copy them or, even worse, modify them.

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