What Are The Different Types Of Google Chromecasts?

What Are The Different Types Of Google Chromecasts?

It is simple hardware that allows you to turn almost any television into a smart TV. This device is what is called a dongle . Similar to a USB stick, but connectable through an HDMI port and with a small processor inside that allows it to carry out its functions. The Google Chromecasts allows you to link the TV to any smartphone, tablet, or PC connected to the same local network.

What Is The Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a device, designed by Google. Its first version was released in 2013,  you can connect to your TV or monitor through its HDMI port and from there you can share the content you want. Google Chromecast is responsible for converting any TV or screen with an HDMI input into a Smart TV . In this way you will be able to enjoy Netflix, HBO, Filmin or any other streaming service that you like and more.

What Are The Types Of Google Chromecast?

It is a good time to know that there are different types of Google Chromecast that exist in the market. Since its launch in 2013, several versions of this useful device have been released. There is even a version called Chromecast Audio that does not connect to a TV but to a speaker so that it becomes an intelligent speaker. A version that, although interesting, is no longer manufactured and distributed by the company. In this way, we have that currently there are only two different types of Google Chromecast: the Google Chromecast 3 and the Google Chromecast Ultra .

Google Chromecast 3

Chromecast 3 is the evolution of Chromecast 1 and Chromecast 2 and also the most current version of this interesting gadget. It allows you to play the contents in full HD (1080p ) directly. 

Without a doubt, a quite significant improvement over the previous ones. It has not only improved its video quality, compared to its previous versions, with this new version you will have the possibility of connecting it with Google Home , which allows you to control your TV only with your voice. 

Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra is the Premium version of the Google Chromecast . Although its functions are almost the same, it has some improvements. Especially in video playback. With this version you can play content in 4K HDR without problems, thanks to the fact that its Wi-Fi connectivity has been improved.

Ultra version also presents other interesting features such as the fact that it can be connected directly to the network through an Ethernet adapter or that it is compatible with the new Google games service: Google Stadia. So you will be able to play your favorite games at the highest resolution on any TV .

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What Else Can You Do With A Google Chromecast?

A Google Chromecast is good for many things and allows you to do fun activities in the comfort of your home. You can Use music applications such as Spotify, are 100% compatible with the device, so you will be able to take advantage of your TV as a powerful audio player.

You can enjoy your favorite games as the Google Chromecast also doubles as a console. In fact, in Google Play you can search and download the games that are compatible with this device so that you can turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a console. 

This device is also compatible with multiple training applications. It is useful to turn your room into a gym, and it allows you to get the most out of your TV when training. You may not be sure you want to invest in a sophisticated video surveillance system, but it will not be necessary thanks to the tinyCam Monitor app, compatible with Chromecast and that turns any Android device and a camera into a surveillance camera .

You can show your musical talent, you are going to enjoy your Chromecast a lot. Thanks to its compatibility, you will be able to synchronize applications like Musixmatch to your TV. So that you can see the lyrics of the songs that are being played and sing them at the top of your lungs with your besties.

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