What Is Google Nest Mini?

What Is Google Nest Mini?

Google Home Mini is the standard of a whole new batch of speakers. This is capable of holding a conversation with us. It is because it is the more affordable proposal than Google, but also because it offers a quality sound that does not seem to come out of a device with such a small size. In its second generation, it has taken the name of Google Nest Mini.

It comes with increasing its audio quality with a third microphone and a dedicated chip. But it has the same capabilities when it comes to the Google Assistant, as well as keeping that design that is easy to integrate into any room. It is a speaker that has microphones to be able to recognize our commands and become a home automation control center for other devices, play music, provide information, manage alerts… 

It is also connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi connectivity, although in the second generation Google Home Mini has also included Bluetooth, and has the necessary hardware so that the Google Assistant can live inside it. In a smart speaker, there are no screens, the control system is based entirely on your voice, so to make inquiries and commands we will not have to touch anything. The Google Assistant will answer you through the speaker. The only possible physical interaction is found in the button that allows us to cancel the microphone, to avoid listening if we wish, and on the surface of the speaker itself, where two well-defined areas allow us to raise and lower the volume. 

Latest news

When we get up early, the oldest in the house is like listening to the news of the day while they get dressed or have breakfast. Well, there is also Google Nest Mini to make you the best possible summary: ” Ok Google, tell me the news of the day ” and we will listen to the newsletter, being able to ask you to tell us the news of a specific medium. Remember that the beginning of each instruction must always be “Ok Google”.

App That Controls Everything

We only need a smartphone and the Google Home mobile application to configure. First, we connect the Nest Mini to the power, the next thing is to download and open the application to give it a name, as well as specify its location and which Wi-Fi connection it is going to connect to. Through the app, we will manage the services that will coexist with our smart speaker: Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. 

It also connects to the devices to which it will be linked, such as the default television or the lights in a room. It can be used by different people in the same home and, thanks to its exquisite design, there is no problem to easily integrate it anywhere in the house. It is possible to control several Google Nest Mini distributed by different rooms. 

Controlling The House

The home automation function of the Google Nest Mini is the one that will transform our home into a smart home, at least a little bit to control added elements, such as television, lighting, or air conditioning without moving from the sofa. We come to the living room to see a series as a family and we can ask her with our voices to dim the light, turn on the TV and lower the temperature. 


It will make the youngsters get up. His first activity of the day is to do some sport and get his body in shape. Much better if it is done with the ideal soundtrack, which helps us to go up and down in intensity when necessary. For it, we must have it previously configured in the account of the service that we have linked from the app, for example, in Spotify Premium. We just have to ask the little Google Nest Mini for our training playback and forget about being aware of changing songs.

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