Here Are Some Main Features Of HubSpot’s CRM

Here Are Some Main Features Of HubSpot’s CRM

Here you can learn about some features of Hubspot’s CRM. Let’s take a closer look at why to use HubSpot’s CRM : Everything is simple and immediate, and the menu is straightforward and clear, focusing on the four essential things: contacts, companies, opportunities, and activities/tasks. No distractions, far from the old CRM full of impossible buttons, items and sub-menus. The other two additional items concern the dashboard with statistics and the Sales tools, i.e., a series of paid tools to help the seller in his daily work, to help him close more and better.

All information on contacts and customers (even those obtained from the web, for those who have activated HubSpot marketing ) feeds a single database through which you can choose the sales path you want to follow with a specific customer list rather than another, then lists of profiled customers. You can share every web activity between your two teams and leads/customers with your Marketing and Sales team members. You can trace the various marketing activities performed (for example, email marketing, personalized emails, landing pages, and calls-to-action…) with the responses obtained from your contacts. This way, you can understand if you are taking the right actions or need to change your approach to the lead/customer to reach your goal.

For each contact, you can enter the records of the sales interactions that have taken place, with notes on the phone calls, the appointments made, or the actions taken without interaction. Inside the contact card, on the left bar, is space for integrations with other systems: Linkedin Sales Navigator, PandaDoc, UberConference or any other system you have chosen to integrate with your CRM to facilitate the work of your team. There are hundreds of ready-made integrations, and they keep popping up every day (after all, HubSpot CRM is the most excellent and spart system out there…).

Important information can also be noted on the contact card (outside the interactions with him), in which you can mention other CRM users to notify them via email.  You can choose and manage the pipeline of opportunities (Deal)  to view at which stage of the purchasing process the contact is, manage the sales funnel and manage status changes… with a simple drag & drop. At each stage, constraints can be imposed (for example, if you do not enter a deal amount, you cannot move it to the sent “quotation”). You can associate the products in the quote with the deal to allow for rapid user segmentation.

Tasks can also be managed with drag & drop, moving them from one stage of the task pipeline to another. The tasks, which appear on the contact card, can be closed by clicking on them. A clear dashboard shows you statistics with the performance achieved, by day, week, month, etc. The dashboards are highly customizable, and you can quickly create custom reports or start from dozens of ready-made statistics templates. In fact, with the ability to pay for advanced dashboards, it’s an excellent replacement for any business intelligence application.

Suppose that wasn’t enough, a feature that makes it an unbeatable software: ease of use! The interface is intuitive and immediate and uses the efficient drag-and-drop system to move notes, appointments, etc. Very “orgasmic” to use Hubspot, a truly unique user experience. This CRM can also be used on your smartphone by downloading the HubSpot CRM app for iOS and Android: it can be used to consult and work on open opportunities, contacts, companies and tasks. The filter function, present both on the Contacts, Companies and Deals view, allows you to build any view, mixing personal data, sales activities and… if you also use it for the marketing part, precisely, marketing

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