How To Do Blogging With Tablets And Smartphones

How To Do Blogging With Tablets And Smartphones

Do you know what the constant of many professionals is? I’m always traveling by train or plane. It’s part of the job, but that means having some time to organize your ideas. And maybe write a new article. Yes, it is possible to blog with tablets and smartphones. And you can get some superior quality work done for your online diary, as long as you have the right tools. The hours go by quickly, and you don’t always have the opportunity to sit down in an armchair to update your blog calmly. 

Reflecting in front of your desktop computer, with a steaming cup of coffee keeping you company and the sound of the rain keeping time on the window. Often you have to write your articles on the fly. And update the blog from a mobile device. My opinion? I wouldn’t say I like doing everything on my phone. I publish from a desktop or laptop computer, or in any case, from a location useful for managing difficulties. On the other hand, I can organize anywhere with my faithful Galaxy. But this is my point of view. I assure you that you can safely blog from smartphones and tablets. How?

Install The WordPress Application

Regardless of your desire or willingness to write and publish articles from a mobile device (it’s not easy if you expect certain results), every blogger must have the WordPress application on their smartphones and tablets. Because this solution allows you to intervene, at any time, to resolve any problems with jobs that are already online. You can correct mistakes, add important details, and edit tags and categories you hadn’t considered. It is not easy to insert images or write particularly long articles, but a blogger without a WordPress application always risks finding himself unprepared. 

Manage It All With ManageWP

Do you want to turn your smartphone into a point of reference for WordPress management? Here is  ManageWP, an application that brings together the tools to keep your business online in one place: you can manage updates, backups, Google Analytics data, and comment approvals. In short, you can do everything. You are in the right place if you have multiple blogs to monitor.

Organize Sources With Feedly And Evernote

You have the home base. You have WordPress. You need to download Feedly, the application that organizes sources and puts online RSS feeds. So you can have everything under control: official updates, opinions, and advice from colleagues. Feedly is pretty much perfect. You can place feeds in the thematic folders and monitor your contacts’ writing. You can highlight what you need to write the article for inspiration and not copy. 

Warning: sources help you write. You don’t have to use them to follow the trail. In this case, the apps available are on iTunes and Google Play. Another application to put your notes in order: Evernote. This solution is useful for a simple reason: mark ideas on a virtual notebook. As? Inserting voice notes, clippings from web pages, and addresses to consult to complete the post. Feedly and Evernote together can give you a decisive hand to give depth to the articles.

Define Content With Simple Mind

I believe that mind maps are crucial for those who want to blog. Not only to manage the points of the editorial plan but also to organize the points of an article. When you have to write a pillar article, a tutorial, a long and detailed content, it is easy to lose sight of the necessary steps. So the mind map can be a reference to follow to delve into the right points. That’s why I always have a Simple Mind on my mobile.

Write Articles With Google Drive

There are dozens of applications for writing on your smartphone or tablet. Today, however, you can use one in particular and find maximum satisfaction: Google Drive, the solution created by Mountain View to create text files to store online. Thanks to this app’s thousands of features, you can create a directory with all your documents in your account. To write from your mobile phone or tablet, select the Document icon and then the + key to add a new job. 

Or you can tap on a file you’ve already created. This way, you start writing. You don’t need to be connected: Google Drive allows you to edit offline. Are you done? Now you can decide: share the text or download it to your desktop when you get to the office. Google Drive can help your blogging business in so many ways. Thanks to spreadsheets, it can be the starting point for your editorial calendar and can create polls to be inserted into web pages as embedded. Then there’s the option to share everything with your collaborators, essential when transforming this application into a work tool.

Create Images With Canva

There is no other solution: The Canva application (you can find the original version on the site) is the decisive tool for creating memorable images for your best articles. Even if I have specified that I don’t like to package entire posts from mobile, it may be necessary to start working on the visual from the smartphone. And with this tool, you have everything you need.

You can add text, headlines, lines, filters, and gradient bases to write on photos. In other words, if you are new to Photoshop, this tool will change your life as a blogger. I suggest you create a model with the appropriate dimensions for your publications to have the image always in line with your needs. So you just have to save and post on the blog.

Measure Results With Google Analytics

You’ve followed all the steps to publish great content and used mobile to save time and write your articles. Now you have shared them thanks to the Hootsuite application. Do you want to complete the work? Monitor everything with Google Analytics, the suite for recording data relating to the behavior of visits to your website. 

Without statistics, you can’t keep track of the situation. You can’t figure out which is the best result on the blog. You can’t get better. Your task is simple: you must have visits under control at any time, even when you can’t access the computer. I add Google Analytics to the best apps for serious blogging: it’s not enough to write and publish photos. You need to be able to analyze.

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