How To Use Instagram App For Business: Here You Can Know

How To Use Instagram App For Business: Here You Can Know

With more than a billion monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Best of all, 90 percent of accounts follow companies.60 percent state that they have already found out about new products on Instagram. The best way to use this potential is with Instagram for Business. In this article, we will tell you the essential basics to get started immediately.

How Is Instagram For Business Different From A Personal Profile?

Since 2016, Instagram has offered companies expanded functions. All you have to do is activate a business account. All functions of a private account remain. There are also detailed, insightful statistics for history and individual posts. For example, you can monitor the development of follower numbers and see how often your profile and website have been viewed.

The statistics also show the reach of each post and story, the number of interactions with the content, and the followers’ demographics. You can see which days and times subscribers are most eager to respond to your content. Thanks to all this information, optimizing your content, attracting more new followers, and increasing your reach will be easier. In addition, posts can only be advertised with a business account. Aside from the cost of ads, Instagram for Business is free.

The Foundation Of Instagram For Business: Setting Goals

Instagram is a platform that thrives on emotions. It is perfect for showing your company from the human side, generating sympathy, transporting values ​​​​and messages, introducing employees, or providing a look behind the scenes. To be able to use your business account strategically, you should define clear goals in advance. This could be, for example:

  1. increase popularity
  2. improve image
  3. spread brand messages
  4. Present products and success stories
  5. generate leads

Step 2: Develop A Content Strategy

Based on your goals, you now define a content strategy. What types of content do you want to post? For example, would you like to actively advertise offers or use the platform to deepen the relationship with your followers? Depending on your choice, you can publish product photos, employee portraits, inspirational quotes, and many other formats.

The only important thing is that you stay in a clearly defined thematic niche. If you have an online shop for bags, report on everything to do with bags. If you run a graphic design agency, talk about all aspects of graphic design. Visitors should always be able to see what you are about and what to expect quickly. Feel free to try different ideas and formats and post at other times. In the insights, you can later see which content is best received by your target group and then optimize your content step by step.

Followers Gain Through Hashtags And Actions

Good content is the basis for building a loyal community. You can accelerate follower growth by using appropriate hashtags. These should match your company, your industry, and, of course, the topic of the respective post. It makes sense to combine hashtags with different ranges. The more a hashtag is used, the more people will see posts tagged with it. On the other hand, the probability of getting lost in the mass of competing posts also increases. 

If hashtags are used too much on the Explore page, the throughput is comparatively high, and the dwell time of individual posts is correspondingly low. Another great way to gain followers quickly is through contests and community promotions. For example, ask users to post photos on a specific topic under a particular hashtag. Your reach increases with every participant: because their followers also come into contact with your content.

Performance Measurement With Instagram For Business

It is essential to keep an eye on relevant critical figures to get closer to achieving the goals you set at the beginning. Such KPIs are, for example:

  1. the follower growth
  2. the impressions (how many times a post was seen — possibly more than once by one person)
  3. the reach (how many people was the most played out)
  4. the interaction rate
  5. the interaction rate by day and time
  6. the number of clicks on the website

Which of these metrics is most important to you depends on your goals. If you’re looking to optimize your content to get more engagement and engage new followers, Instagram for Business has another handy feature. In Insights, you can sort all your posts according to reach, impressions, interactions, comments, and many other factors. In this way, you can quickly determine which content is best accepted. You then produce more of the excellent content and less of the rest. Establishing a branded hashtag is also worth considering.  Think of a specific keyword that can be clearly assigned to your company. This can be your company’s name or an important product, for example. Then check regularly how frequently this hashtag is used. These numbers are an excellent way to keep track of how your brand awareness is developing.

Conclusion: A Business Account On Instagram Only Brings Advantages

The number of users on Instagram has consistently increased in recent years. The platform is particularly popular with young people under 35. Instagram for Business helps you make the most of it for your Business. Compared to private profiles, a business account offers significantly more functions. The statistics are especially valuable to drive the growth of your channel. Whichever way you look, Instagram for Business only means advantages for companies.

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