How To Apply Inside Sales In Your Salesforce?

How To Apply Inside Sales In Your Salesforce?

The sales force is usually the visible face of companies and has a direct impact on business results. Compensation for the sales force requires an optimal combination of fixed and variable elements, a frequency of salary increases by the increase in responsibility and professional career, as well as a frequency of payment of commercial incentives in line with the duration of the sales process. of the product or service. 

Many decisions about sales force incentive plans are made based on internal considerations – such as strategic priorities or how salesforce roles are defined – rather than on competitive market practice itself. However, to take advantage of all its advantages, it is essential to follow the following:

Inside Sales Strategy

Inside sales strategy is about taking inventory of the tools available and determining how they will be used throughout the conversion funnel. For example, start by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium tool from LinkedIn, to validate data about people requesting information about our products. Usually, this interesting prospect comes to us through the blog or directly to our website and becomes a lead. 

Once your profile is verified, we may employ a personalized email marketing strategy and encourage you to make contact by video call. With this resource, we can share more advanced material about our offer and services.

For the monitoring of captured customers, CRM is essential since through its analytics it is possible to know them thanks to the history generated with each interaction. Consequently, it will be easier to anticipate your future needs, as well as determine the necessary actions to optimize the relationship. 

Define Sales Goals

A sales plan with specific, realistic, and achievable objectives in reasonable periods is essential to guide the process. No matter how many technological tools you have, without this roadmap, the efforts of your sales representatives run the risk of dispersing and being more expensive.

Selecting Commercials 

To select the members of the sales team for the inside sales strategy. Let us bear in mind that these are not conventional sellers or telemarketing operators, but rather profiles more oriented towards customer advice. In the inside sales, there is no pre-established script, nor intention to force the purchase decision.

In other words, as important as achieving the sale, the prospect must perceive a solid knowledge of the salesperson about the product. That you understand how our offer fits into your company or daily life, answer your questions, and have you evaluate the added values of the brand. 

Therefore, persuasiveness, proactivity, fluency in communication, and willingness to listen to the client are essential soft skills to consider when choosing. Lines above we anticipate that the commercial inside requires hard technological skills, specifically in managing CRM, social networks, and video call platforms. 

Social Networks

It is essential to choose the appropriate social networks to generate qualified contacts through them. Specifically, for B2B businesses, LinkedIn is the most suitable. While Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and offer good opportunities for the B2C segment. 

All these tools must be aligned with the sales objectives since the idea is to obtain data through multiple channels. And logically, process this information well to obtain more business.

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