What Are Inside Sales?

What Are Inside Sales?

Inside sale is a model for managing the customer contact, follow-up, and conversion process without leaving the company. Based on this, the commercials of the organizations systematically use various digital communication and administrative tools. In this way, personal interviews with potentials are reduced to the effective closing of the sale. Therefore, we could affirm that this method brings together, within the same strategy, diverse practices such as social selling, email marketing, and content marketing

Before the pandemic, many companies were already working with this system, taking advantage of the development of mobile communications. As well as, using the versatility of social networks and video calling platforms to achieve remote P2P interaction with prospects. But mobility restrictions to stop the contagion of the pathogen accelerated the digitization of as many companies. 

What Are The Advantages Of Inside Sales?

With the implementation of an inside sales strategy in your business you will obtain more advantages than you imagine, among them:

Motivates The Employees

In parallel, the implementation of inside sales will involve incorporating advanced technology into the processes, as well as the practice of smart working and work-life balance. These improvements Strengthen the motivation of employees and the commitment of the commercial team. 


Although we already mentioned it, you should consider the importance of previously identifying the persons of interest and verifying the potential of their companies as clients. In this way, your sales force will be able to focus their efforts on the most suitable prospects. At the same time, interaction with customers through phone calls, chat, messaging and video calls avoids unnecessary transfers. All this generates considerable cost savings and a consequent increase in business profitability.

Promotes The Knowledge

Inside sales promote the knowledge and use of digital tools. Certainly, an inside sales team must have knowledge and skills in the use of CRM solutions to automate the routine tasks of their department. That is to say: status reports, scheduled sending of emails, contact history, etc. It is also essential that you have experience in managing social networks, messaging applications, and video calling platforms for corporate use.

The Radius Of Action. 

Trade inside can investigate more company profiles and prospects in many parts to make contact with them and make more conversions. While outsiders spend a lot of time visiting a few clients on a daily basis. 


It is more than a salesperson. The provision of digital communication tools allows the salesperson to share the content of interest to the potential client and resolve their doubts at any time. Hence, you will be perceived more as a consultant than a salesperson.

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