What Is Instagram? What Is It for?

What Is Instagram? What Is It for?

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to know what Instagram is and what it is for, to start growing on the network. Either because you want to use it in a personal way to interact with family and friends. Either because you would like to give visibility to your business and be able to communicate with your potential clients. For both cases, Instagram is a social network in which yes or yes you should be. And therefore, in this post, I will explain everything you need to know about Instagram to start using it like a true professional.

What Is Instagram?

The Instagram social network was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Together they released the first version in October 2010 and also, at first it was only available for Apple’s IOS operating system. If you wonder what Instagram means, its literal definition is the following: “Images and videos (-gram) instantly (insta-)”.For this reason, it is also known as “insta” or “ig”. 

Instagram began as a social network mainly used by young people to share photos and videos, interact with friends, and like their photos. As the years have passed, it has become the social network in which more companies and businesses are present, promoting their products or services, interacting with their customers, humanizing their brand, etc.

And it no longer only serves to give me likes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This social network is designed to be used directly from a smartphone. In fact, it was born as a mobile application and at first, the desktop version was very limited. 

Little by little, they have been improving it and you can now publish content from your computer, something that was impossible before. However, it is still much more practical and comfortable from a mobile device. In addition, its use has become so widespread that the use of a huge number of tools to retouch and modify photos and videos has become popular. The number of users of Instagram increases every year and that has a lot to do with the great involvement of the social network in the digital marketing strategy.

What Is Instagram for?

The main uses of Instagram are to share photos and videos with friends, family, or followers in general. This network is purely visual, so the quality of the content you upload is very important. In general, people use it to share their most personal side. In short, posture increases. And this translates into less transparency of reality on many occasions. 

However, it is still a medium in which to show yourself in full and, in the case of companies, humanize your brand and get closer to the audience. Now, Instagram is no longer just for sharing content with other people and creating relationships, but for doing business. The arrival of Instagram Shopping and the possibility of advertising on Instagram Ads together with Facebook opens a range of possibilities for companies to segment the public that wants to sell and increase their turnover.

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