IoT In The Entertainment Industry – These Are The Most Important Fields Of Application

IoT In The Entertainment Industry – These Are The Most Important Fields Of Application

IoT In The Entertainment Industry : The entertainment industry regularly supplies users with the latest gaming offers, films and leisure activities. To increase income permanently, it is necessary to know the users and to promote interaction with them. We show you the most important fields of application in which IoT helps in the entertainment industry.

Field Of Application 1: Personalized Content

Nothing speaks to us like content that is perfectly tailored to us. This saves us the time and effort of searching for new content ourselves. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides companies in the entertainment industry with the most important key figures of the users, such as age, location and consumer behavior.

Streaming platforms like Netflix use IoT to give each family member personalized suggestions for the next series or movie. Behind this is the technology function Predictive Analytics: Artificial intelligence predicts user behavior and helps to understand the users.

This also applies to the music industry: music platforms use user activity, location and listening behavior to predict what kind of music users want to hear.

Field Of Application 2: Targeted Advertising

With the help of IoT, it is possible to track the behavior of users across devices and simultaneously record their living conditions. Sensors can measure noise and movement, for example. They send these to devices such as smartphones or game consoles, where they are processed.

This data, in combination with advances in data analysis and machine learning, then helps to design targeted advertising and create individual customer profiles. This not only makes advertising more effective but also cheaper. At the same time, it increases the chance of reaching potential customers.

Field Of Application 3: AR And VR For A Better User Experience

With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the user experience can be significantly improved. Many streaming companies, social networks, theme parks and sports arenas are already taking advantage. For example, an AR-controlled language assistant shows visitors to amusement parks the right way through the park.

But AR glasses also make entirely new user experiences possible in your own home, for example, in the field of music: With AR glasses, users can experience concerts as if they were there live, or they can learn musical instruments. Many large tech companies now have different models in their portfolios, including Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

Gaming Sector: How IoT Helps In Game Development

In the gaming sector, users expect new, immersive experiences. AR, VR or MR make this immersion in virtual worlds possible. Companies in the gaming industry use the technologies to make their games as attractive as possible for users and to set themselves apart from the competition.

With the VR, AR and MR services, the companies create a connection to their users and, at the same time, can convince them with high-quality graphics and sound. It doesn’t matter which device is used. The visual effects adapt to any screen and device.

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