iPadOS 17 To Full Health And Lockscreen: Here Are The Details

iPadOS 17 To Full Health And Lockscreen: Here Are The Details

The new iPadOS 17 takes the user even higher with new levels of customization, starting from the Lock Screen, which now, like that of iOS 16, can be customized with interactive wallpapers and widgets.

Lock Screen

Craig Federighi talks about it during WWDC 2023, where holding an iPad horizontally, he shows how easy it is to add different widgets in a column on the left side of the screen and thus be able to easily mark a reminder, or start the music or turn on the lights at home without not even unlock the tablet all with an adaptive color tone that allows them to harmonize with the background to improve their readability. Live Activities also end up on the Lock Screen, useful for keeping track of a trip’s itinerary, the delivery of a meal, the results of a match and so on.

Health Apps

Another big news of this update concerns the launch of the Health app, which after literally “years”, also arrives on the tablet (Apple announced it at WWDC in 2014). Having it here means you can access more detail simultaneously because the bigger screen allows it. And so it’s like having a personal medical record in your hand, with all the details collected in these 9 years from the iPhone first and then the Apple Watch, complete with interactive maps to get to the bottom of the data analysis.

Working With PDFs

With this new version of the iPad operating system, you can do even more even with PDFs because now, thanks to machine learning, the text fields within a document are identified so that they can be filled in very easily both with the keyboard and with the pen, useful for adding a signature (new or already saved) in the space provided. PDFs end up in Notes, so you can annotate and work on them easily, collaborating on them in real-time with others, who can instantly follow the page updates. PDFs are also shown full-width, so you can easily swipe between pages and draw on them with the Apple Pencil.


Then there are several improvements to iMessage, with the possibility of creating Live Stickers starting from a photo on which to cut out a subject easily. Then there is a new expandable menu to view the iMessage apps used most often and then filters to more easily find information based on people, keywords and types of content. Then there are new gestures to move quickly within the chats, and above all, there is the automatic transcription of audio messages and the sharing of the position in real-time for the duration of the session.


As for video calls on FaceTime, it is now possible to leave an audio or video message when a video call is not answered, Reactions have been added, and those with an Apple TV 4K can also transfer video calls to the TV using the Continuity camera.


On the other hand, profiles arrive on the browser to separate personal from work activity: each one has its cookies, its history, its groups of tabs and favorites, and you can switch from one to another in a click. Then there is the biometric lock with face or fingerprint scanning for access to open tabs in incognito mode. Finally, among other things, Siri is invoked by saying only “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”, and the Stage Manager offers greater customization of the windows in terms of size and position.

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