How To Know If It Is Worth Repair A Mobile Or Buying A New One

How To Know If It Is Worth Repair A Mobile Or Buying A New One

Repair a mobile device or buy a new one? Is it possible to fix it on your own? According to a study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), 60% of mobile breakdowns occur before two years and 29% between two and three years, when the warranty is no longer in force.

The most common breakdowns in mobile phones usually occur in the battery, on the screen, in the speaker, in the microphone or by errors with the software, such as a system crash, a failure in the operating system or problems when opening the applications. “The problem is aggravated because many of them are not covered by the warranty as they are consumable parts or damage due to use,” adds the OCU.

How To Choose The Repair Service

If our smartphone has a warranty, the ideal option is to take it to the place of sale. Although more than a third of the people surveyed by the OCU prefer to go directly to the manufacturer. However, it must be borne in mind that “it has no obligation to guarantee the repair, but only to exchange it for a new model or return the price paid if the damage takes place during the first two years of purchase”.

In the event that the repair a mobile is not included in the warranty, it is likely that “the manufacturer will urge you to use its official technical service, with the threat that otherwise you will lose the warranty of the phone”. Thus, the manufacturer will make a repair quote that will add a diagnostic cost, although it is usually deducted from the final price.

What if we no longer have a guarantee? In these cases, the OCU recommends evaluating the option of going to an independent repairer. “Although we advise you to ask about the quality of the spare parts. For example, a good phone that breaks down the screen and is repaired with a mediocre or cheap screen, will no longer have the same quality, “they indicate.

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In Which Cases Is It Worth The Repair?

“If the mobile is not under warranty and you decide to repair it, you will probably pay a high price compared to the purchase price,” the organization stresses. This occurs, for example, if the screen breaks. The change of a new one can cost approximately 70 dollars for low-end devices, but about 200 dollars for high-end mobiles.

“Our advice is that, if you were happy with the operation of your phone, try to repair it: a phone whose only problem is that the battery lasts less after a couple of years, can work like new again if the battery is changed,” they explain. However, if the price of the repair is excessive, it may be better to buy a new phone for less than 200 dollars.

And is it possible to fix the phone yourself? The OCU details what would be the steps to follow in this case:

  • Prepare the necessary tools. Some of the most common are the following: screwdriver, mini levers or spudger, opening spatula, suction cup, suction cup, precision tweezers or pliers or heating gel bag.
  • Find the spare parts.
  • Locate the user manual for the replacement of these parts.
  • Open the device to replace the parts. “This is the most complicated point in the whole process. Make sure you label all the pieces you take out well and write down the steps followed, so that the subsequent assembly is not an odyssey, “they detail.

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