Learning Cybersecurity: The Most Effective Methods For Training

Learning Cybersecurity: The Most Effective Methods For Training

Cybersecurity is a field that encompasses multiple skills. What are they? What are the most effective ways to acquire them? Before you start training in this branch, you should know a minimum of what types of jobs you want to go for.

There are many ways to train in cybersecurity and gradually build your skills. However, the field is so vast that it will generally be necessary to make choices. It would indeed be complicated to want to master the various facets of computer security from start to finish, especially when one is just beginning to discover this sector offering multiple outlets.

What Is Meant By “Learning” Cybersecurity?

If the objective is to introduce you to cybersecurity, you will easily find training centers offering computer security courses for beginners. On the other hand, if you want to professionalize yourself in this field, you will first need to learn about the primary cybersecurity professions while keeping in mind that most do not yet exist! This overview of the key positions in IT security will be an opportunity to discover the key areas of this sector and to see what first catches your attention: do you prefer to work in network architecture or IT development? Are you interested in the legal aspects of cybersecurity, or do you want to practice a more manual job by installing IT equipment for infrastructure, for example? Only after identifying what attracts you to the cybersecurity field can you begin to develop the skills necessary for your successful professional integration by following the most appropriate training.

Diploma Or Certification Courses In Cybersecurity

Suppose you need to train yourself in the basics of computer security. In that case, you can take a one-day or several-day training course to learn how to adequately protect your computer against computer threats and browse the Internet safely. On the other hand, a diploma or certifying training in the field of computer science will allow you to immerse yourself longer in this universe so that you can professionalize yourself for the second time in cybersecurity. Many computer training courses can lead to cybersecurity careers: BTS SIO, BTS SN, License, Bachelor, Master in Computer Science, etc. Whatever training you choose, we present the most effective ways to train in the different facets of computer security!

Train In Computer Programming

No, it’s not just a cliché maintained by films and series dealing with this area. Computer security professionals generally have fundamental computer programming skills and can secure computer solutions using different languages. What are the most popular computer programming languages ​​​​in the field of cybersecurity? They vary by company, but industry experts frequently use C and C++, Java, Python, or Django. Suppose you want to evolve in web development and participate in the security of websites. In that case, you will also need to train in JavaScript and PHP but also in SQL, a computer language for using databases. Knowing that hackers are interested in exploiting databases’ flaws (which may contain valuable information), it will be essential to have an excellent level in one or more query languages ​​​​to avoid computer attacks as much as possible. 

Familiarize Yourself With Computer Network Management

Network management is an integral part of computer security. Professionals in charge of supervising computer networks have an excellent knowledge of operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. With the development of new navigation media and the democratization of cloud computing solutions, securing IT assets has become a valuable skill for companies. Some degree computer science courses offer systems and networks specializations very early on. This is particularly the case of the BTS SIO with the SISR option (Solutions of Infrastructure, Systems, and Networks). Training organizations also offer certification courses to train for professions in a short time, such as systems and network technicians or administrators of secure infrastructures. The prerequisites to integrate these courses will vary according to the entry conditions of the training centers.

Switch To English!

If you want to progress more effectively in cybersecurity, we can only encourage you to improve your level of English. Indeed, technical documentation in the field of computing, and even more so in everything related to computer security, is mainly written in the language of Shakespeare. You will find the information you are looking for much more quickly if you have a specific command of English. Admittedly, being bilingual is not necessarily necessary, but knowing how to read and understand English will allow you to get out of many delicate situations. Moreover, in an increasingly open world, it is not certain that your future colleagues or clients are necessarily Local language-speaking.

Be Interested In The Legal Aspects Of Cybersecurity

The world of cybersecurity is teeming with regulations that may be exciting or imperative to know, depending on the position concerned. The GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation), which came into force in May 2018, requires companies to appoint a data protection officer and compliance to protect users’ data better. Many other legal aspects must be considered if you wish to expand your knowledge of computer security. Apart from if you want to exercise a lawful profession, you will not have to follow long legal studies. In principle, you will be able to approach this theme during your training if the targeted work is borrowed from a legal dimension.

Alternation, A Timeless Method To Train More Quickly

Work-study training is a winning formula if you want to develop new skills and be directly operational once you have graduated from computer security training. The concrete side of the work-study program will allow you to acquire valuable know-how throughout your course and develop your interpersonal skills to optimize your chances of recruitment. This is the best way to gain autonomy in a professional and personal setting since the work-study program often allows you to finance your studies and cover your daily expenses—a guarantee of maturity that can only earn you points with cybersecurity recruiters.

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