Trust As A New Essential Of Marketing Strategies

Trust As A New Essential Of Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies : While we’ve all smiled at the memes illustrating the chaos , it’s important to also acknowledge the real change in consumer behavior brought about by this year, and now taking hold in the new normal.

Indeed, the various events of the past year – the global pandemic, political scandals, the introduction of contact tracing, conspiracy theories or endless debates on social networks – have made consumers more suspicious, now protecting themselves from advertising messages that they fear with more skepticism. 

It is now a question of buying from companies that not only demonstrate social responsibility, but also listen to them and also take their privacy seriously. And this is where the concept of the “trust economy” begins, an approach that every brand should take to thrive in these unprecedented times. Here, in the article we clearly explaining about best marketing strategies

Getting Rid Of The Debates Of Social Networks

With algorithm-based information flows limiting the display of different points of view on a topic, social networks have largely contributed to social division. Users are indeed faced with flooded streams of contradictory medical information, conspiracy theories, or hate speech.

According to the latest Barometer only 36% of people believe the information circulating on social networks. Brands should therefore see the need to stop flooding these channels and instead pause to listen to what their consumers really want, showing them that their interests are truly at the heart of their strategies. It is this type of action, modest but significant, that will represent the first step towards trust, which is now fundamental.

Ensuring The Protection Of Customer Data

It is difficult to calculate the number of data breaches that have been detected in the last ten years. More and more of them have also pushed consumers to protect their information more and no longer pass it on to anyone.

The implementation of strong policies for the protection of privacy, responsible data management, and the prior request for consent before processing are essential to demonstrate to consumers the respect of their confidentiality.

Once this trust is earned, brands will be able to offer real added value in exchange for complementary data sources, such as preferences, interests and purchase motivations. This allows companies to not only get this information, but also to better personalize their content, and create a strong emotional bond that can generate loyalty over the long term. Consumers will then be more likely to spend on brands that they believe meet their needs and protect their privacy.

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Understand The Growing Importance Of Social Values

Over the past year, the isolation of consumers has forced them to look for new ways to socialize. Surveys explain it: Global Consumer Survey, the pandemic has fostered consumer interest in more digital services, proximity and health. A poll published by also found that among those who have been viewing more opinions since the beginning of the crisis, one in five explains this increased need for information by a greater distrust of companies. It is one of the best marketing strategies

And it doesn’t stop there, as more than a quarter of those surveyed in PwC’s latest Global Consumer Insight Survey now judge brands on their social and environmental commitment, while 22% of people say they are even moving towards more local food.

Brands that understand these issues will benefit the most from the recovery in operations. Whether it’s helping local people, moving towards greater environmental awareness or taking a stand against social injustice, consumers are more likely to get closer to like-minded brands.

It’s time for marketers to invest in customer relationships with direct links aligned with their data. The establishment of this trust is then a fundamental step towards optimal and fruitful loyalty.

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