Metal Detector For Beginners, Reviews And Comparisons

Metal Detector For Beginners, Reviews And Comparisons

Metal Detector For Beginners : Thousands of vestiges of the past are buried under our feet. What if you were given the opportunity to discover them? A metal detector is the perfect device to start research. But how to choose it? Especially if we start? We have prepared a special guide for you to help you find the best metal detector. Embark on the adventure with a metal detector for beginners.

Best Metal Detectors For Beginners In Detail For Effective Research

Perfect for detecting several types of metals, the SUNPOW detector is equipped with an LCD screen to clearly display the indications of the device. Working with batteries, it also works underwater to cover all environments. The SUNPOW metal detector is ideal for all your research.

Buyers who have decided to test the SUNPOW metal detector recommend it overall positively. It is indeed, according to them, a device that is convenient to handle because of its weight, quite light. Similarly, many particularly appreciate the screen that turns on. 

This makes it convenient when used in shady places. In addition, a kit for digging is provided with the purchase, which is an asset for a majority of buyers and makes the research work easier. Some draw attention to the absence of batteries, which must therefore be bought separately. Others inform about the fact that the device does not detect 100% of all metals. However, the SUNPOW remains a good quality beginner’s metal detector.

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The metal detector to start SUNPOW Pinpointer: use it as a stick 

This other model of the SUNPOW brand is portable and suitable for adults and children. It works using two batteries and uses a 360-degree probe. Choose three detection modes according to your preferences and use it underwater to discover even more surprises.

SUNPOW Pinpointer users are generally satisfied with their purchase. Indeed, they describe the Pinpointer metal detector as an easy-to-use and handy product. 

This beginner metal detector presents itself as a search stick that you just have to point at a place, which makes its use easier, especially for young children. In addition, it effectively detects nearby metals and has good search accuracy. Some, however, are surprised at the length of the device, which they thought was smaller, and also warn about the waterproof nature of the detector. According to them, it would be better to test it before going too deep.

The metal detector to start Aneken: start with the right device (Indispo)

Specially designed for use by the whole family, the Aneken beginner metal detector is perfect for beginners. Choose from the three available modes to identify this or that metal according to your desires. It also adapts to the surrounding environment to change its sensitivity and eliminate the detection of intruders. A perfect tool to get started in the world of metal detection.

The metal detector to start Aneken receives, on the side of users, a large majority of positive opinions. It is actually a model that pleases, first of all for its quality / price ratio. The majority appreciates the good constitution of the device and its efficiency, all at a suitable price. The Aneken detector is lighter and offers good accuracy and detection. The different modes available also make it possible to refine the search for metals according to your needs. However, many regret the absence of an explanatory notice in French. The device is actually difficult to handle without it.

The metal detector to start Generic: an option for the whole family

Using its backlit screen and detection discs, the Generic detector makes it easier to search for buried metals. Share moments of discovery with your children or grandchildren and survey them without stopping. Several detection modes are available to refine searches and the device comes with a carrying bag to take it with you without a hitch.

The generic metal detector to start is a model well received by the community. It is indeed described as an effective device, which perfectly helps in the detection of buried metals. Its use is described as ease. First of all because of the backlit screen that helps the user to learn about the different information, but also because of its easy handling and lightness. Finally, the negative point noted by some particularly concerns the accuracy of the device of the Generic brand. Indeed, it successfully detects parts, but with less accuracy as to their locations than desired by buyers.

The metal detector to start Ginour: efficiency and precision 

The last item on the list features a Ginour brand detector. The latter offers true precision thanks to its large diameter research coil. The model offered for sale by Ginour is also waterproof and allows you to discover several environments. Finally, use a headset so you won’t be disturbed by the surrounding environment during your research.

The metal detector to start from the Ginour brand is unanimous. It is indeed a device that pleases first of all for its effectiveness of action. Thanks to its different modes, undesirable metals are set aside and the detector warns the user when it is really necessary. In addition, it is an adjustable model and can adjust to your size. Headphones or headphones can easily plug in to explore without inconvenience. The Ginour detector is finally appreciated for its screen and its price, correct for its quality. Finally, only one bad note is to be put before: the absence of battery at the purchase.

What Is A Metal Detector?

Used for searching for metal objects, the metal detector helps to specify their exact positions. It is a device that is often known under the pseudonym “frying pan” because of the circular shape of its base. The user equips himself with the device thanks to its handle and must simply direct it to the place he wants to analyze. If a metal is present underground, the device then emits a noise that warns the user.

A metal detector consists of several elements: a battery, a control box and a search coil. Some models can finally discriminate the different types of metals it encounters. This is possible due to the composition of certain objects. Depending on what the user is looking for, it is thus possible to enter the desired parameters.

How Does A Metal Detector Work?

To operate, a metal detector uses magnetic induction. It ultimately resembles the detection system in airports. An electric current is emitted to the base of the corona-shaped detector, which allows the creation of a magnetic field. At the very moment the detector is above a metal object, this creates a disturbance in the previously set magnetic field. This then generates a voltage difference that will allow the alarm to be issued and warn the user. Some devices also vibrate when they find something. This is possible by connecting cables to the motherboard of the device with a vibrating motor.

Advantages Of A Metal Detector

Metal detectors are used in many places. In airports for example, but also in courts and other places as a security measure. Other professions use metal detectors such as the military. The latter use them as support in the detection of explosives or shells. Archaeologists also use it for the search for ancient treasures. Finally, some individuals use it as a hobby, alone or in a group, to dig up old lost rooms or simply for the purpose of cleaning a field. It’s also a great way to find lost items, like rings or bracelets, in complicated places like a beach.

Different Types Of Existing Metal Detectors

There are indeed several options of metal detectors divided according to their performance. First of all, we find the very low frequency detector, less than 100 kHz. The latter is perfectly suitable for leisure activities and is generally more affordable. Second, comes the pulsed induction detector. 

It performs better than the low-frequency detector and identifies objects up to 3.5 meters deep. It is to date the most effective and affordable model of metal detection. It is recognizable by its square-shaped base. The last type of metal detector is ground penetrating radar. This makes it possible to find objects deep in the basement, between 10 to 30 meters, but is expensive. In addition, he requires some knowledge in mineralogy or geology.

How To Choose Your Metal Detector To Start?

Several characteristics must be taken into account when choosing a metal detector to start. In addition, there is a large selection of models currently available. Thus, establishing a list of criteria to opt for a device that suits you helps you in your final choice.

The power of the metal detector

This is one of the first essential criteria when buying your first metal detector. The frequency transmitting power determines the overall performance of your device. Thus, the higher the frequency power, the more the model in question is able to detect metals deeper and deeper. To begin with, it is enough to opt for a metal detector with a frequency power of about 15 kHz.

The detector’s ability to discriminate

This feature defines your device’s ability to leave out certain unwanted metals. For example, models give you the option to detect only gold, or only silver. It depends greatly on the device in question, which is why, if it is an option that interests you, check with the manufacturer.

The adaptability of the metal detector

Using a metal detector means going to a large number of places of different size. Thus, a quality device must be able to adapt to it without problems. Whether in the open field, at the beach or in the forest, the latter must indeed correct the interference emitted by the soil and which can transmit erroneous signals.


Finally, you can opt for a model that offers additional accessories. This may, of course, be secondary for some, which is why it should be taken into account last. Some brands can add to the purchase of carrying cases or kits for digging. These are often interesting additions when you are just starting out, or when you want to have a good time with younger people.

The Price Of A Metal Detector To Start With

Deciding on the purchase of a metal detector currently does not require great concessions. It is indeed possible to find good models at correct prices. Some for less than 100 dollars. Now, if you want to opt for certain brands in particular or bet on better quality, the price may go up. It’s up to you to see according to your wallet and the use and time you want to devote to this new hobby.

Metal Detector For Beginner, Ready For Treasure Hunt

Ready to hit the roads in search of abandoned metals? A metal detector for beginners can be difficult to find currently because of the large offer available. That’s why this guide helps you choose your very first device. Do not hesitate to use it to make the most of the adventure with a suitable detector.

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