What Are The Reasons To Back Up Microsoft Office 365?

What Are The Reasons To Back Up Microsoft Office 365?

The main objective of Office 365 is to give you an infrastructure where to store your data with reliability of use close to 100%, wonderful, I no longer have to worry about my Exchange server, my local pop3 account provider, my file server, but one point must be taken into account, the responsibility for the data is the user, not Microsoft. 

Certainly, Office 365 has a retention policy for your data, that is, we are covered against deletion of the same. The reasons that will lead us to implement an Office 365 copy system:

Internal Security Threats

Both intentionally and unintentionally Organizations are victims of threats posed by their employees. Access to files and contacts changes so quickly that it can be difficult to keep an eye on those in which you have installed the most trust, at this point Microsoft has no way of knowing the difference between a regular user and a certain employee trying to erase critical data. of the company before you leave.

Furthermore, some users unknowingly create serious threats by downloading infected files that put the security of the company at risk. Another example is tamper evidence, imagine an employee strategically deleting incriminating emails or files, keeping these objects out of reach of legal, compliance, or HR departments.

Accidental Deletion

Many people think that “The recycle bin is probably good enough.” This is where many people get it wrong “The average time from when we delete the data until we realize it is more than 140 days”. We probably won’t realize something is missing or missing until it’s too late for the recycle bin. We also have to keep in mind that there are two types of deletions in Office 365, Soft deletion and Hard deletion.

An example of Soft is emptying the Deleted Items folder, in this case, the deletion is not completely permanent, because the mail can still be found in the Recoverable Items mailbox. A hard delete is when an item is tagged to be purged from the mailbox database completely and it is unrecoverable, once this happens.

Legal Requirements

To recover emails some Legal actions may require, files or other types of data. Microsoft has implemented some security policies that we could use, but again, this is not the robust solution that allows us to keep the company out of legal trouble, for example, if we accidentally delete a user, their retention mailbox, their SharePoint and OneDrive personal site is also deleted and if we don’t have copies we will probably face significant penalties.

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Office 365 Retention Policy 

This retention policy creates loopholes and confusion. Office 365 has limited backup and retention policies that can only defend against situational data loss, and it is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution. In the event of a catastrophic problem, a backup solution can provide the ability to go back to a point in time before the problem and save the data.

With an external Office 365 backup solution, we have much more flexibility in retention policies, short-term, long-term, granular, or spot backups can be done. This will allow you to restore everything making the recovery fast and easy.

External Threats

Malware and viruses like ransomware, are doing serious damage to organizations worldwide. This affects not only the reputation of the company but also puts the privacy and security of internal data at risk.

These External threats can sneak in through emails and attachments, and standard retention policies are often not enough. Having regular and separate backups of your data would allow us to quickly recover data.

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