No Internet? Here’s How To Enjoy Google Chrome

No Internet? Here’s How To Enjoy Google Chrome

If you always carry your laptop or Chromebook on the go, you could easily need access to Wi-Fi lines. Contrary to what many think, the Chrome browser offers the opportunity to play even without having a connection to the network. No, we’re not talking about the classic T-Rex Game, but some slightly more complex games. 

Chrome offers options to be able to play offline, using the browser for something that goes far beyond simple navigation. By downloading the necessary files via Chrome, it is possible to start even rather complex video games without dealing with a functioning Internet line. This article will show you these “secret” games you can play on Chrome. Note: When you launch these games, you will see a warning that the app is no longer supported. At the time of writing, click Open Anyway, and the game works normally, but be warned that it may not work for much longer.

Tank Riders

Tank Riders is a very captivating 3D action game. You must attack incoming enemies before being overwhelmed. It would help if you guide your tank through islands and caves, bouncing shots to wipe out enemies. As evidence of a certain complexity of Tank Riders, this comes with 3 game modes, namely:

  1. Campaign ;
  2. multiplayer ;
  3. Invasion.

You can safely manage the controls through the keyboard: move your tank using the arrow keys or WASD. Aim with J and L and shoot with the space bar.


Spelunky is a cave exploration game that represents one of the most successful roguelikes ever (the second chapter was recently released as well). With new dungeons randomly generated with each game and fearsome enemies to face, Spelunky presents a rather difficult but enthralling challenge. You aim to collect as many treasures as possible, advancing through as many levels as possible. A little advice? Keep an eye on the courts – they are a valuable resource!

Basketball & Ball

In Basket & Ball, the goal is simple: guide your Ball to the basket. If the concept is simple, the game design enhances it with various puzzles to solve and dangerous obstacles on the way to face. Watch out for the fire, bounce where you can, and use the trampolines to reach your goal. Use the arrow keys to guide the Ball and the space bar to bounce. If you press the spacebar, you create a super jump needed to clear some obstacles. Basket & Ball is a graphically simple game that is also very fun in terms of physics and dynamics.


Memo-Flip is a card-based memory game. Click to flip two cards, trying to find a matching pair. The fewer cards you turn in, the less time you waste and the higher your score. You can choose themed cards with emojis, flowers, and even one specific to Christmas. It’s a perfect way to train your brain and improve your memory when you don’t have an internet connection to access something more complex.


Nothing is as relaxing as a good old solitaire game. Solitaire for Chrome offers 9 game modes, including Klondike, Pyramid, Free Cell, and Spider. There’s a hint feature if you get stuck and the ability to cancel. Challenge yourself by getting the highest score in the least amount of time. If you love solitaire, then you will enjoy this offline version.

Cut The Rope

Although the game has been around for years, the award-winning Cut the Rope is still an entertaining physics puzzler. Your goal is to feed candy to the cute monster named Om Nom while trying to collect the three stars available in each level. As the game’s name suggests, you cut the rope correctly and swing the candies across the level. Beware of sharp objects, use the bubbles to your advantage, and make Om Nom happy as you move through the various game worlds.


The puzzling and challenging 2048 is quite a popular puzzle game. The game starts by sliding tiles up, down, left, or right. The numbers on the tiles merge when they match: for example, when two 4s combine, they create an 8. The goal is to keep merging and doubling numbers before running out of space on the board. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the tiles in the desired direction. When the tiles on the board fill up, the game is over.

Word Seek

Download the free Word Seek offline game for Chrome if you are looking for a good old-fashioned word search game. It allows you to generate grids of different sizes; the words can be themed or random. Also, if you want to up the challenge, you can enable settings like hiding the word list or removing all vowels. Note: Please note that Word Seek is in English.

Links All

Another fun challenge for puzzle fans is Link All. It’s a classic game that’s easy to learn and hard to master. You aim to create a path that touches each node before reaching the goal. The red lines are your obstacles, so you must move around them. Select the node where you want to start, and your journey begins. You can restart a level if needed. Link All offers you 8 stages with 20 levels for each stage. If you love the genre, this title is a must.

What’s Your Favorite Offline Chrome Game?

Whatever your favorite genre, there’s an offline Chrome game for you, perfect for times when you can’t access the net. If your computer is running a Linux distro, we take the opportunity to look at the best video games for this specific operating system.

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