Where Can I Find Pictures For Articles?

Where Can I Find Pictures For Articles?

Images attract the reader’s attention to make it stand out and help to locate the main topic or even the type of text: serious, humorous, literary. Furthermore, users tend to identify the quality of the pictures with that of the whole: if it is good, they will perceive the article as good. 

The text will drop, If the picture is mediocre or bad, expectations. We can make them ourselves or buy them, both options too expensive in time or money, especially if we take into account how little is paid today per article, or resort to a third option: sites with free royalty-free images. Images are a fundamental component in any article.

Public Domain Pictures

We can find more free images of use sent by users or collected from the Internet on this website. If you are looking for studio “object” type photos, the kind in which an element appears isolated on a white or black background, you can find them here, which is almost certainly not on Flickr and Commons.

Another interesting feature of this website is that all the information about the camera and the circumstances in which it was taken appears in the photo file and that it suggests related photos. Registration is not essential, but it allows you to download the photos in premium quality, which can be interesting in some cases


Pixabay is one of the most used directories to obtain royalty-free images, with very good quality for free. From this repository, it is interesting that one of the main forms of navigation is precisely by photographer, so you can obtain several similar images very easily. The only downside is that it is so popular that you may end up using the same photos as your competitors.


It is a community similar to Flickr and the truth is that the quality of the photos is wonderful. Through the URL that we indicate you can directly access the images published under copyleft license; Note that in this case, due to the CC-BY-NC license, it is necessary to attribute the author. It is not necessary to be registered, and the photos are titled indistinctly in any language depending on their author.

So if we are looking for something specific it is best to try to do several searches in English… Regarding the type of photographs, they are from the same line as those of Flickr: trips, portraits … although much more artistic and with slightly less natural air.


Flickr is the photo-sharing platform, many users have published their images with copyleft licenses that allow their use. Flickr offers a page from which you can directly access these images, filtering by type of license. It does not require registration and the photographs are offered in different sizes. If you search in English, more photos will appear, although I recommend trying both languages. 

This is a good resource if you want photographs of people doing things, such as trips, concerts, family or work gatherings, conferences, and also things that excite them such as landscapes or their pets… the truth is that there are some great photos of photographers on Flickr semi-professionals that will give a great touch to your article

Public Domain Photos

There is very little information about the photos, but it is not necessary to register to download them in high quality and it also has many “object” type photos, so it is interesting to go to it. An anecdote that may help you is that on this website whenever I have tried to search by keyword I have rarely found anything.

So I use the category system on the left side, which is very good. For this reason, I use it for general subject photography, rarely when I am looking for something specific. Here also photos from paid image repositories are advertised.

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Wikimedia Commons

The Wikimedia Commons project emerged many years ago. The editors of the different linguistic editions of the Free Encyclopedia noticed that they were all uploading the same pictures on their respective wikis and came to the conclusion that it was much more useful to have them all in one place. As in the case of Flickr, no registration is required and the photos are generally provided in good quality. In this case, it is also better to search in English. 

The Commons is an excellent place if you write historical or artistic articles because in it you can find good photographs of most of the most important paintings, statues, and buildings in the world. It is also a good place to search for portraits of characters, landscapes, and specific species of animals. In short, anything for which there may be an article on Wikipedia can be expected to have a decent photo on this.

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