Reach Gamers With Suitable Marketing Campaigns – Here’s How It Works

Reach Gamers With Suitable Marketing Campaigns – Here’s How It Works

Marketing campaigns have changed in recent years. To reach the younger generation, it makes less sense for many companies to invest in traditional television advertising. Instead, they use the medium gamers are increasingly using: live streaming.

What Role Do Live Streams Play?

Gamers and Generation Z are complicated to reach through classic marketing measures. According to a statistic, 66 percent use an ad blocker, which means that banner ads, for example, are usually not displayed at all. In contrast, live streams on platforms like Twitch are a popular medium in which the young generation and gamers invest a lot of time.

This is mainly because small and medium-sized streamers build a community right from the start. They attach great importance to interacting and communicating with the viewers. Viewers feel connected to their favourite streamers and want to follow what they are doing.

How Do Marketing Measures For Gamers Work?

One of the most popular marketing measures for gamers is sponsorship. What many do not know: Automated micro-sponsorships are significantly better than sponsoring a few big fish because 99 percent of streamers have fewer than 50 average viewers. Because of this, it isn’t easy to set up sponsorships manually with so many streamers.

A smaller audience, however, is significantly more engaged with their favourite streamers, which automatically leads to a positive image of the brand that sponsors them being ingrained in viewers’ minds.In principle, companies can also count on small streamers and their audience being very grateful and appreciative. They usually show the advertising authentically, which leads to a higher CTR.

The Solution: Uncomplicated Marketing Campaigns With Instream

However, implementing it in practice can be challenging for streamers and companies. The solution is in Streamy! This is both a marketplace and an innovative technology that connects streamers with businesses.

Instream is, therefore, an intermediary between streamers and companies. Streamers find suitable sponsors for their live streams and have the opportunity to earn money.

With instream, brands can automatically display their messages in thousands of streams using CTAs, animations, artwork, and more. They ensure high engagement through unique engagement-boosting mechanisms, such as gameplay response.This is a unique technology based on the fact that the graphic displays react to events in the game in real-time. Danone’s campaign gameplay response is one of the most awarded marketing campaigns of 2021.

Gameplay Response is just one of many engagement-boosting mechanisms that instream can implement. These are the unique selling points of the campaigns:

  • Automation: Brands say what they want, instream sets everything up, and the campaign runs automatically
  • Scalability: There is no limit to the number of streamers participating in a campaign. instream works result-oriented
  • Engagement: Brand messages are engaging, don’t disrupt live streams and are unblockable

Ads are unblockable and have a 100% view-through rate. However, instream’s marketing campaigns are not an advertisement but sponsorship campaigns. 

Thanks to this approach, negative associations that advertising evokes among young target groups are automatically avoided. Instream does not just show an animation; the experts ensure that the marketing measures appeal to the audience and stimulate conversations. Instream is also constantly developing new mechanisms and methods for interacting with streamers and viewers.

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