How To Sell My Photos Online?

How To Sell My Photos Online?

The new communication and information technologies are becoming easier to make this art a good source of income. The rise of digital media has forced many companies to buy photographs since images are of fundamental importance when optimizing content. In addition, the demand for photos from bloggers and other creators is practically endless, requiring photographers of styles as diverse as the topics that website’s address. Here are some of the tips to sell your photos online.

Select The Topic

The first recommendation is to bet on specialization, that is, you must select a topic that you love to direct all your efforts towards a single goal. This is a good way to stand out in an increasingly complex market. 

Some examples of topics can be fashion, sports, travel, and adventure, gastronomy, nature, etc. In general, photographers who cover different styles and themes give up shortly after starting, because their photos are not original and disappear in the sea of ​​images that are on the internet. On the contrary, if you choose a specific topic, it may be easier for companies to get to know you since the number of competitors has considerably decreased.

Choose For Best Selling Photos

After selecting the theme, you have to check which of those photos are in greatest demand on the web. For this, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the stock pages, which function as true image banks. There you can see if the chosen theme is in high demand or if you need to make any adjustments.

It is a good idea to do a keyword search on platforms such as Keywords Everywhere or Keyword Tool IO, where you only have to place your theme. For example, “animal photos”, to see what types of photos people are looking for on the internet. There you will find other similar keywords that you can take into account.

Using The Perfect Equipment

As there are many cameras out there, we can’t all start with the most expensive one, so in some cases, it will take an extra creative effort to compensate for the lack of high-end devices. However, at first, you can start with the camera you have at home.

The latest generation mobile phones allow you to take high-quality photos, so they can be an alternative. If you have the opportunity to acquire an SLR camera or you already have one, then it is worth thinking about the objectives, but these have to be directed to the theme you have chosen. There are special lenses for sports, landscaping, macro photos, etc. Also, it is good to have a computer with Adobe Photoshop or some other application to edit.

A Platform To Upload The Photos

You can sell your photos to news agencies and other media outlets, but there are also many stock pages where you can post your photos. One of them is Shutterstock, which is available in more than 150 countries, so it has a wide reach.  On this website, people can purchase a monthly subscription or purchase a photo individually. 

Adobe Stock is the world’s leading photography page, which only has images without photo retouching. If a user subscribes, you can earn 33%, but there is also a credit system, with a profit of 20 to 63%. These fees are similar on the Fotolia platform, which is also owned by the Adobe brand. For its part, the Dreamstime portal works as an intermediary, so it is only responsible for offering the photos to other potential buyers. 

The profit from the sale of each photograph can be 25 to 50%. Also, if you work exclusively for the page, you can always receive 60%. Therefore, it is a good option to start uploading photos online. As for the renowned company Getty Images, it is one of the most demanding pages to sell photos. Therefore, it is recommended for photographers with some experience. In this case, you have to send several photos without retouching and wait for the approval of the company.  Your photos will have access to more than 200 countries if you manage to pass the test.

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