Single Point Of Contact: Top xRM Integrates CRM Systems

Single Point Of Contact: Top xRM Integrates CRM Systems

How Top xRM Enables A 360-Degree View Of Customers And Other Contacts

In the past, the situation was reasonably clear: In addition to the ERP system, some (but not all) companies used a CRM system to organize their relationships with customers. Above all, personal data was managed with the software for customer relationship management – ​​possibly enriched by interests and hobbies, reservations and no-gos of the contacts. Also stored were histories of contact, deals and, if applicable, service incidents. 

Equipped with all this, employees in sales could address their customers more specifically – at least, that was the idea. Only some people are talking about CRM or customer relationship management. Instead, we are talking about CX, which stands for Customer Experience. The fact that this change in terms has come about is certainly partly due to the zeitgeist. A lot has happened with the solutions. Data is no longer held exclusively passively. They are also used to shape the approach actively. 

For example, individually curating and sending newsletters depending on the customer’s profile. The channels used to interact with customers are also much more differentiated. Several messengers and collaborations are associated with telephone calls, emails, letters, and faxes tools added. This often resulted in a very colorful application landscape. And not only in the B2C but also in the B2B context.

Many Applications Make Consolidated Views Difficult

With the new technological possibilities, sales cannot only meet the expectations of demanding customers. Used correctly, they also create several advantages in global competition. And without Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings, it would have been much harder to push sales processes forward during the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, there is also a glaring disadvantage: With the growing number of specific applications, the difficulty of consolidating all data or documents also increases. 

The vision of a 360-degree view of customers is not finally becoming a reality – it is moving further away. The consequence of this cannot be to limit oneself to one solution in favor of a uniform database. For companies that use SAP, the SAP Sales Cloud is a powerful sales application that can easily be expanded to include the SAP Marketing Cloud, the SAP Service Cloud, the SAP Commerce Cloud and the SAP Customer Data Platform. However, even this extensive portfolio can only map some of the usual sales process functions today.

Top xRM As An Integration Layer And Leading System

To use the potential of each application and simultaneously achieve a consolidated view, it is worth using top xRM. The SAP-based add-on manages objects from SAP systems and data and documents from any application in one file with a defined structure. If, for example, a new lead results from an email exchange, it is created in the SAP Sales Cloud and at the same time, a corresponding entry is automatically created in top xRM. The objects from the SAP Sales Cloud are then added to this. 

The offers, calculations, orders, invoices and other documents created in the further course are also saved here. Word documents with meeting notes, Excel files with calculations or PDF files with sketches. This ensures that all information about a customer is collected in one place and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Top xRM can also be used as a leading CRM system. In this case, sales reps create their leads, opportunities and customers here. Top xRM offers its own CRM file templates for lead and contact management. Of course, the appointments can be synchronized in Outlook and are also available in the calendar.

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