Slider In WordPress: How To Find The Right Plugin

Slider In WordPress: How To Find The Right Plugin

An excellent way to highlight important content on your website is to place it in a slider to display on your pages. Here I’ll explain the advantages you can get thanks to this feature and which plugins to use to make the most of it.

Highlight The Highlights Of Your Website With The Best WordPress Tools

If you are looking for simple and effective ways to improve the visitors’ experience on your website, consider inserting a slider: thanks to this element, you can direct the visitors’ focus on the features you want to highlight and increase the appeal of your offer. You need to gain technical skills, and it seems like an impossible task. Thanks to some handy plugins, you can insert all the sliders you need in the blink of an eye with just a few clicks of your mouse. In this article, I will explain how to identify the ideal tool for your needs: but first, I would like to show you the advantages you could get thanks to sliders in WordPress.

What Are The Advantages For Those Who Insert A Slider On Their WordPress Site?

A slider is a web page component that displays a slideshow of images and videos. Its function is to show one element at a time, and it can be set to scroll automatically or follow a user’s click. It can be inserted on any page and is a potent tool to focus visitors’ attention on specific information such as the most popular products of an eCommerce, the reviews of customers who have already purchased a particular service, the faces of the company team, etc.

The evocative power of the elements shown by the sliders can make a decisive contribution to increasing the conversion rate of a web portal, which is why many websites use them. Moreover, thanks to the development of practical, dedicated plugins, inserting them without possessing particular technical skills is possible. If you also want to set up a custom slider on your site, here are the features you should consider when choosing the best tool.

Features To Consider

First, evaluate what customization possibilities each of the plugins you are considering offers you. Some of them may only allow you to create simple preset sliders; others can offer you a wide range of layouts from which to choose the one you think is the best for your site. Also, only some slider plugins are suitable for some multimedia elements. If you plan to insert simple images, any tool available for WordPress could be enough to satisfy your wishes. Conversely, if you want to include a video carousel, locate a plugin specifically developed to manage these files effectively.

Another essential feature to evaluate is the ease of use. If you are an expert webmaster, you could opt for an advanced slider, built using shortcodes and highly customizable by those with good programming knowledge. If you don’t have particular computer skills, you should look for an easy-to-use tool that allows you to build the slider using a ‘drag and drop’ system. This way, you can create an attractive and functional carousel of images or videos without effort. 

Finally, it is essential to choose a tool that allows you to insert a responsive slider for any device. There’s nothing worse than a roundup of items that don’t scroll or display cluttered on smartphones! Ensure that the plugins you are looking into maintain good performance on any browser, even those used for browsing via mobile devices. If they don’t have this feature, don’t even consider them: using them, you risk compromising your users’ browsing experience!

Best Slider Plugins

In the following lines, I would like to show you 3 of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating sliders, among which you may find the ideal one for your website.


Depicter allows you to create a slider from scratch or use one of the preset templates stored in the library included in the plugin. It gives you complete control over any element of the image carousel: design, layout, animations, etc. And all intuitively and straightforwardly, without wasting time on long and tedious code changes.


LayerSlider is a high-quality and super-responsive WordPress plugin that offers a wide range of easy-to-manage options. This highly customizable tool allows you to choose from many preset templates. In particular, it includes more than 200 transition effects, various 2D and 3D layouts, and even a practical drag-and-drop builder that is intuitive and easy to use.

Slider Revolution

By downloading Slider Revolution, you can easily create carousels of responsive images and videos across the entire length of your screen. This plugin’s numerous features include hundreds of predefined templates, dozens of cutting-edge layouts, and many other elements that can be customized in detail. However, the versatility and potential of Slider Revolution are partially overshadowed by the poor loading speed. This defect can compromise the site’s positioning on which it is installed. For many users, however, this disadvantage is a small price to pay for one of the most feature-rich plugins currently available on the market.

In Conclusion

Adding sliders to your website is a great way to grab the attention of your visitors and create a showcase for the items you want to highlight. You can use them to display images, videos, or posts to maximize the effectiveness of your content. The plugins I have recommended are among the best on the market: carefully choose the one that best suits your site, and the results will be brief. To make your sliders even more responsive and performing, make sure you can count on a WordPress hosting that guarantees you good performance.

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