The Best MicroSD Cards (2022)

The Best MicroSD Cards (2022)

In recent years, microSD cards have been used on many devices. There are different models, compatible with smartphones, computers, dashcams or on-board cameras. Indeed, some are optimized for recording high-resolution videos, others for running applications and accessing small files.

To understand their dissimilarities, we explain their technical characteristics, what their acronyms correspond to and how to choose the microSD that meets your needs.

Thus, you will have an easier time selecting one of those present in our test bench.

Which MicroSD Card To Buy?

Choose well-known brands offering a warranty, we think of Samsung, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, Integral, among others.

Counterfeit and falsified microSD cards are multiplying, so be sure to go through trusted sites and avoid second-hand platforms like eBay.

Refer to our buying guide to understand the world of microSD cards and choose the one that suits you best.

PNY Pro Elite – The best in all areas

  • From $9.99 (32GB) | $43 (256GB) | Model tested: $29.14 (128GB)

PNY’s microSD Pro Elite is versatile with a read speed of 100 MB/s and a write speed of 60 MB/s. It is available in 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB, and its features vary.

On the other hand, no matter what you choose, each version is rated 10/U3 for speed, which is a fast transfer and sharing of your content. This allows you to make beautiful videos with a state-of-the-art resolution.

In detail, the 128 GB showed very good results with 12.4 MB/s read and 5.3 MB/s write.

If you need a microSD card for your smartphone, GoPro or dashcam then the PNY Pro Elite is a product with excellent value for money.

Storage sizes and price: 32 GB ($13.99) | 64 GB (17,52 $) | 128 GB ($ 25.53) | 256 GB (58,32 $)

SanDisk Extreme PRO – The Fastest

  • From $14.99 | Model reviewed: 128GB ($39.99)

The fastest microSD card in the SanDisk catalog is the Extreme PRO. A2 certified, it loads apps and processes your data at high speed with maximum read and write values of 170 MB/s and 90 MB/s read and written respectively, and is ideal for capturing 4K UHD videos without interruption.

One of its advantages is its RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software. It helps you recover your files, accidentally erased.

Storage sizes and price: 32 GB ($ 17.99) | 64 GB ($ 39.99) | 128 GB ($ 79.99) | 256 GB ($ 99.99) | 400 GB ($ 129.99) | 512 GB ($ 159.99) | 1 TB ($349.99)

Manfrotto Pro Rugged – The most versatile

  • From $31.99 (64GB) | Model reviewed: 128GB ($39)

Manfrotto is a brand best known for its tripods, and camera storage is now part of its product range. In addition to CF (Compact Flash) and SD cards, you will find microSDs, available in 64 and 128 GB.

Like other types of backup, they carry the Rugged brand and the company claims that they are built to be the most resilient on the market. They would be able to survive immersion in water for 72 hours and temperatures ranging from -25°C to 85°C. Their warranty is two years, protecting you against any manufacturing defects.

Although the Manfrotto Pro is qualified V30, which has a minimum sequential write speed of 30 Mbps, in reality it reads and writes at 90 Mb/s, according to our tests.

Intended for drones, action cameras and cameras, it is also compatible with your Android or tablet, for a reading of 4 KB of 8.5 MB / s and 3.75 MB / s write.

Samsung Evo Plus microSD card – The best speed for smartphone

  • From $10 (32GB) | Model reviewed: 128GB ($20.19)

Do you have a Samsung phone? Then let yourself be tempted by the evo Plus microSD. We tried its 128GB version, however it is also available in higher capacities.

It boasts a sequential write speed of 84.3 MB/s and a read speed of 88.3 MB/s.

For smartphones and tablets, the performance of 4 KB matters more, and this is where the Evo shines. Indeed, even if it is not rated A1 or A2, it obtained 10.5 MB/s read and 4.7 MB/s write.

This score surpasses that of the A2-certified SanDisk Extreme Pro, making it a great choice for mobiles, even if they can record 4K video.

Storage sizes and price: 32 GB ($ 16.99) | 64 GB ($ 19.99) | 128 GB ($ 49.99) | 256 GB ($ 129.99) | 512 GB (149,99$).

SanDisk Extreme Plus – Best for 4K Video

  • From $43.99 (32GB) | $79.99 (128GB)

The SanDisk Extreme Plus UHS-1 microSD card, class 10, promises speeds of 80 MB/s read and 50 MB/s write.

In our tests, it achieved read and write speeds of 87 MB/s and 85 MB/s, even surpassing the PNY Pro Elite, especially in random tests with 92 MB/s read and almost 88 MB/s write.

It is therefore perfect for burst photography, or video in action. In addition, it is very efficient with smartphones thanks to its excellent performance on 4 KB, with 9.3 MB/ s read and 4 MB/ s write.

Buying Guide: Choose Your MicroSD Card

The first criterion you need to be interested in is storage capacity. It is therefore essential to check the size of the card compatible with your device. For example, action cameras only accept 32 GB, because of the limitation of the SDHC standard, compared to up to 2 TB for smartphones in SDXC format.

In other cases, some cards can both record 4K videos on GoPro and offer great performance on iOS or Android.

Choose A MicroSD Card For Video Recording

In principle, if you buy a microSD card for the purpose of storing videos, then it will need to have a V10 certification or higher. The number after V is the minimum write speed in megabytes per second (MB/s).

For the 4K format, we advise you to aim for V30 speed. The SD Association has recommendations regarding the speed needed based on the different video resolutions:

If you can’t find a “V” number, then check its packaging or specifications for write speed. Note that the highest is usually read, not write.

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