Three New Ad Options For Youtube Ads And Audio Ad Creation

Three New Ad Options For Youtube Ads And Audio Ad Creation

According to a YouTube survey, 59 per cent of respondents believe that the ads they see on YouTube are more relevant to them than ads on linear TV or other streaming apps. Now YouTube wants to improve this reach even further and recently introduced three new ad options to help marketers reach their target audience better. These are Discovery, Moment Blast and Audio. We’ll explain what you need to know about the new features.

Discovery Ads Product feeds expanded to Discovery Ads on November 10, 2022. Product images can be added to video ads through a product feed, already available for in-stream ads, homepage ads and YouTube shorts, encouraging customers to visit the site. By expanding to discovery ads, marketers can better scale social media ads and reach more interactive viewers. This new ad option allows content to be turned into virtual storefronts and allows creators to tag products in videos and shorts.

Moment Blast

The new Moment Blast offers advertisers high-reach positioning in YouTube Select content on connected TVs (CTV) and other streaming-enabled devices. Businesses looking to showcase their content at major sporting events, film releases, or product launches can use the new option to achieve their goal.

Audio Ads

Since introducing audio ads in 2020, YouTube has gradually expanded its audio offering. YouTube audio ads help marketers reach their audiences by listening to music, podcasts, or other audio content on YouTube. In addition, audio ads can be used to increase reach and brand awareness among the target group.

Benefits Of Audio Ads

Other benefits of audio ads on YouTube include:

  1. Efficient Reach: Extending the reach of video campaigns to new inventory comes at a low cost.
  2. Simplified Purchase: The purchase process and campaign setup are similar to other YouTube ad formats.
  3. Improved targeting and analytics: When using Advanced Audiences, access the latest ad impact analysis on brand awareness and view reports in Google Ads.
  4. Lower creative production costs: Audio ads are often cheaper than video ads because the recommended visual component is a still image or simple animation.

Best Practices When Creating Audio Ads

YouTube audio ads play during long playback sessions or when YouTube is running in the background. Therefore, you should consider the following best practices when creating the ad.

  1. Emphasis on audio: YouTube audio ads prioritize the audio component. Therefore, assets with little animation or a static image with a call-to-action should be used. The creative should be uploaded as a YouTube URL.
  2. Consistent tone and tempo: For a 15-second ad, up to 40 words should be used for a voiceover.
  3. Focus on dialogue: To facilitate the transition between the entertainment part and the ads, the ad’s content should be informative and presented in an engaging verbal form.
  4. Call-to-Action: A call-to-action allows users to go one step further, e.g. read something or click on a link to your website in the ad. You should add a call-to-action to your audio or video creatives.
  5. Comply with guidelines: Ads must not be too intrusive for users. Therefore, you should make sure that the Google Ads guidelines are followed.

New Ad Options: Conclusion

YouTube wants to reach people in the moments, and places they’ve been looking for that connect them. Viewers are drawn to the content they can relate to, whether they’re watching it in their living room or on their phones. This unique dynamic between creators and viewers creates a halo effect for brands or the so-called YouTube effect. And it is precisely this effect that YouTube is expanding further with the three new ad options to reach people with the right content at the right time.

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