TikTok Makes Google Tremble: Social Is Used As A Search Engine

TikTok Makes Google Tremble: Social Is Used As A Search Engine

TikTok : More and more users are looking for places, brands, and products on social networks, including the Chinese platform: here’s why and how to get noticed by your customers. Compared to years ago, online users use the different online platforms with a lot of talent and in a more fluid way: if before the social networks were mainly used to find old friends, now they can represent an opportunity to shop online, discover new content and read the Daily News. In this context, the platforms become multifunctional and overlap. This is the case with TikTok: the famous Chinese social network is increasingly used as a search engine. What does this trend mean for businesses? Let’s be clear.

TikTok: The New Search Engine

TikTok was born in China in 2016 and, according to the latest Audiweb data for spring 2022, has exceeded 14 million monthly active users. The platform first conquered the youngest, but over time it gained the interest of all age groups, becoming a social network, a natural entertainment channel, and, according to the latest sources, a great search engine. Google, the king of web research, admitted it: if in 2021 it held 92.47% of the market share relative to world searches, now this power could shake precisely because of TikTok. 

According to an internal study conducted by the Mountain View giant, 40% of American users between 18 and 24 no longer use Google when looking for a product, brand, or local business, such as a pizzeria or a restaurant. Instead of the famous engine, Instagram, Google Maps, and TikTok are used. Social media are transformed into precious sources of visibility for companies, especially for younger audiences. But why does Google take a back seat? 

The reason is simple: on a social network, in addition to the classic data such as opening hours or address, you can have additional information, which breaches the aesthetic sense and emotions. You access a database of photographs (in the case of Instagram) and videos that become decisive for being chosen, especially by the youngest, that is, those who belong to Generation Z. What’s better than a restaurant that, in addition to offering great food, also allows you to take Instagrammable photos? This is why managing social media constantly and paying close attention to the quality of content today is essential.

TikTok: The Type Of Content Wins

The success of TikTok is due to many aspects. Mainly the format offered: younger users prefer to acquire information more immediately, so a blog is less effective than a video of a few seconds. But this way of getting informed is gradually conquering adults too. Today, users have a lower attention span than in the past: people want to find what they are looking for immediately, without obstacles, distractions, or stress. 

They prefer a video to a long article or book. But if the movie is well done and aims to intrigue, the user is more motivated to click on the link to the relevant blog article to learn more about the topic. For example, think of a Reel that tells you how to change a car tire in a few steps. You could insert a link to the more detailed tutorial on the blog. One thing is sure: being present on TikTok but also on Instagram or Facebook seems a fundamental step for companies: Do you want to improve corporate Social Media management?

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