Tools To Repair iPhone

Tools To Repair iPhone

iPhone models are one of the most complicated smartphones to repair. In part it is because they are designed in a single compact body or unibody, which prevents manipulation of any kind. To understand it better, tasks so simple that we can perform in another type of smartphone, such as replacing the battery, can not be done with an iPhone, unless we have the knowledge and special tools to disassemble it. 

If we want to repair our iPhone and we are not experts in the field, the only option we have left is to go to an Apple technical service. But how do technicians repair our iPhones? Now we know the answer to the big question, since Cult of Mac has obtained a series of animated GIFs that show us the tools that Apple uses to repair an iPhone. Specifically, they show us how to repair an iPhone 5s.

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Screen Replacement

Universal Display Fixture Removal tool is a device that incorporates four suction cups to separate the screen from the body of the iPhone quickly and smoothly. Apple Technicians created this tool to be able to access the internal components of the iPhone, without endangering the other components during processes of replacement of broken screen or check of failures in the proximity sensor, among other elements that are directly and independently attached to the screen. To separate the screen, technicians insert the iPhone under the suction cups and pull the lever up.

Battery Removal

After the replacement of the screen, another of the most common breakdowns of an iPhone are related to the battery. Obviously, for its repair the technicians must remove the battery from the iPhone, and for this they recommend cutting the adhesive tape.

To remove it, you just have to gently pull the adhesive strip that is under the battery, keeping it tight.

It is very important to make sure that you have removed all the adhesive before removing the battery, as other internal components could be damaged otherwise. Once the adhesive is removed, a punch is used to gently pry the battery.

To replace the battery, Apple technicians reapply an extra strong adhesive arranged in adhesive strips so that the battery is well fastened.

IPhone Battery Fixture

Apple also use another device (iPhone Battery Fixture) whose operation is similar to that of a press, and which allows to give the exact pressure necessary to place the battery and that it is well fixed with the adhesive strips.

Speaker Replacement

Apple technicians can replace up to 7 components in their official stores: the speaker, the vibration motor, the receiver, the iSight camera, the SIM ejector, the battery and the display. The process of replacing the speaker is quite simple.

Sim Removal Tool

To remove the SIM from an iPhone, special tweezers are used, because if it is not extracted in the correct way we could cause many failures.

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