What Are The Types Of Marketing?

What Are The Types Of Marketing?

A correct understanding of “marketing” is not only useful in the business but also leads to an increase in sales.  In this article, you will get to know about the types of “marketing” that everyone may have heard once.

What Is Marketing?

Many people think of marketing as research, advertising, and strategy. These understandings are correct, but they do not refer to marketing as a whole, but only a small part of the functionality of marketing as a whole.

Marketing is a comprehensive activity for creating a market through fair competition, with a global perspective and mutual understanding with customers. In short, marketing is, in simple terms, creating a system that can provide what consumers need. In other words, “creating a mechanism to sell”. 

Marketing is the process by which consumers select and purchase products and services. However, even if you ask them to choose a product or service, you should not force the company to sell the product and force the consumer to purchase the product. We need to create a situation where consumers are attracted to the product and want to buy it naturally. Researching consumer needs and sales strategies are key points for marketing.

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Types Of Marketing

There are different methods of marketing. It can be divided into two types. They are Real marketing and Internet marketing.

Real Marketing

Real marketing refers to approaching consumers with products and services in real situations. Real marketing includes street sampling, customer attraction events, and advertising. Some of the examples of Real Marketing are:

Attracting The Customer

This marketing is like holding events such as seminars and exhibitions, it is a method that creates topicality, creates points of contact with customers who were originally interested in the product or service, and directly promotes the company’s service or product.

Street Sampling Marketing

This is a method of promoting awareness and purchase of products by distributing free samples and leaflets to consumers and having them use the products and services.

Promotional Advertising

You can unilaterally appeal to the message you want to convey with a certain volume by using mass media such as TV, SMS, newspapers, and radio, hanging in trains, posters at stations, signboards, etc. Since this method is often posted in a scene that is easy for consumers to see, imprint it in the consumer’s memory and spread awareness as they see it over and over again. There are many other methods In real marketing and these are some of the examples. 

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing refers to the general framework of attracting customers and promoting sales using the Internet. There are Social Network Marketing, content marketing, WEB marketing, digital marketing, etc.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a method that ultimately leads to profits such as product purchases by continuing to provide useful content to customers.

WEB Marketing

WEB marketing is within the big framework of digital marketing. In WEB marketing, by enhancing our site, we will consistently take measures on the WEB to attract users’ interest and connect the inflow to the site.

Social Network Marketing

Social Network marketing is useful for content users, who are using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and communicating directly with users using the Direct Message) function, satisfaction with the content, and impression of the company. However, since the needs of users differ depending on the Social Networks, it is important to utilize the Social Network that matches the products and services that you want to sell to the customer

Digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing performed on the Internet. Specifically, it is a marketing activity such as posting commercials and banner advertisements on YouTube and Instagram, creating an inquiry form on the company’s site, and approaching the inquired customer using DM, etc. The key to digital marketing is accumulating data. 

The next effective method is to collect and accumulate data on what kind of reaction people who saw the advertisement and what kind of consumption was viewed on what kind of site, and analyze that data. 

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