Unbreakable External Hard Drive, Reviews And Comparison

Unbreakable External Hard Drive, Reviews And Comparison

Unbreakable External Hard Drive : Protecting your computer data is a priority when it contains important information such as your bank accounts, your job or your favorite movie. External hard drives were invented in order to make it easy to transfer data from one computer to another and have everything you need at your fingertips at any time of the day. 

But a problem often comes up with external hard drives. They do not withstand shocks well. A simple fall can compromise all their content and amputate much of your work. To remedy this, the unbreakable external hard drive was developed. Discover the best shockproof and resistant external hard drives in our complete comparison. Choose the one that suits you based on their characteristics and user reviews.

Best Unbreakable External Hard Drives For Optimal Data Protection

LaCie Rugged Min Unbreakable External Hard Drive: Backup Storage

Choosing an external hard drive that is shock resistant is not an easy thing. For the pleasure of their customers, LaCie offers a quality product that promises strength and durability. The latter with its lifeline design performs its function as a rescue hard drive well. Indeed, it is equipped with an external double protection system that makes it both unbreakable, but also waterproof. You can take it out in the rain without it getting damaged. 

For greater data protection, this shockproof hard drive is equipped with a password protection system. Users who have used it are satisfied with the speed of data transfer in USB 3.0 as well as its resistance to drops.

The storage capacity of this external hard drive varies between 1TB and 5TB, enough to meet the storage needs of all computer users. It ensures data transfer 4 times faster than a flash drive, making it an easy-to-use storage product that adapts to all circumstances. In addition to its high strength, it is compact and does not take up space. 

You can store it inside your pocket without any worries. With this indestructible mini external hard drive, you will have no problem keeping your data with you no matter where you go. What makes it so strong is a layer of rubber covering it from the outside.

The only problem encountered with this product is the storage capacity that changes following the falls. Several users have reported the same problem as a result of a fall from a low height.

Samsung T5 MU-PA500B/EU Shockproof External Hard Drive: The Fastest

The manufacturer of computer products Samsung presents a shockproof external hard drive with SSD technology. This high-quality device has a storage capacity of 500Gb with Samsung V-NAND technology flash memory. Data transfer is ultra fast and possible using a Type C to A cable. 

The compatibilities of the external hard drive adapt to any type of use. You can place it on 1, 2 or 3rd generation USB ports. In addition, it is possible to connect it to a mobile phone using the same Type C cable. Users who own this unbreakable external hard drive are satisfied with the performance it presents. Indeed, in addition to its resistance, it has a data transfer speed of up to 540 MB / s, which is 5 times faster than ordinary external hard drives.

The particularity of this product is its strength and resistance to any test. Indeed, it has a robust metal body that can withstand falls from 2 meters in height without any scratches. Hardware encryption is performed under 256-bit AES for optimal data security. In addition to that, you can protect access to the contents of the hard drive with a customizable password. The product is RoHS compliant, making it a quality product that respects the environment. A 3-year warranty ensures peaceful use for customers.

The only problem with this product is the rigidity of the data transfer cable. However, this is not disabling when taking into account the speed of transfer.

Cirago 500GB resistant external hard drive: the ultra-thin model

The use of external computer storage equipment is becoming more and more widespread in our daily lives. These external hard drives allow you to carry a large amount of information with you, wherever you go. Cirago offers a quality product that is both shock-resistant and very easy to transport. Indeed, this unbreakable external hard drive is ultra thin. 

It can withstand falls from more than 3 meters in height thanks to a built-in triple protection system. It is the perfect accessory for use in extreme conditions. In addition to that, it does not take up space in carrying bags. Thanks to its lightness and ease of use, it has garnered excellent ratings from its satisfied users.

The new version of this external hard drive consists of a better quality cable wrapped in a special anti-interference layer. It effectively protects mobile phones when in use. Transferring data from this unbreakable hard drive is 10 times faster than transferring via USB 2.0. Indeed, it is equipped with a USB 3.0 Super Speed port which is known for its high speed. 

You can back up all your data in just a few seconds. The product thickness is 0.43 inches, which gives it excellent properties for easy transport. Finally, it is guaranteed 3 years after its purchase.

The only problem encountered with this shockproof hard drive is its compatibility with computers. Some users report the need to install a driver in order to use it.

Transcend 2TB StoreJet 25H3P Unbreakable External Hard Drive: The Quietest

The unbreakable hard drive of the Transcend brand is one of the most resistant on the market. Thanks to its double rubber protection, it is resistant to all shocks. The particularity of this product is to have proven itself during quality tests. It benefits from the same technology used on the us army’s external hard drives. The inside of the hard drive is lined with a silicone coating that absorbs shocks and redistributes them evenly over the entire surface of the product. The external housing is reinforced with quality materials. The customer review on this unbreakable hard drive is very favorable. The majority of users are satisfied with the resistance of the hard drive even after big drops.

It is composed of a USB Type-A port that has passed all reliability tests. In addition, the data transfer speed can reach 5 Gb/s, which exceeds older external hard drives by a dozen times. Its 2TB storage capacity is perfect for professional use. In addition to that, it has an automatic backup button. This last option is very useful when you want to quickly save your data before leaving work. In short, it is a robust external hard drive that has proven itself to the people who own it.

However, a small problem is found with this product. It heats up a bit during use. But this does not represent a great disadvantage.

How Do I Format An External Hard Drive?

Have you used your external hard drive to the fullest and need space for other files? If the data it contains is not important, you can consider formatting it. The external hard drive reformatting process can also be used to repair errors related to data reading. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Connect the external hard drive to your computer: Using the appropriate connection cable, make sure it is connected to the USB port. A connection sound allows you to make sure that your computer has detected it.
  • Go to your external hard drive: on Windows, just click on PC. On Mac, you can access it from Finder.
  • Open the formatting tab: Whether on Windows or Mac, a left click on your external hard drive allows you to choose “Format” or “Delete”.
  • Formatting: once this option is selected, all you have to do is validate the operation.

Your newly formatted hard drive is ready to store all your data.

How Do I Use An External Hard Drive?

Generally speaking, the external hard drive acts as a flash drive. The only difference between these two products is the storage capacity. Indeed, external hard drives are made in such a way that they can mechanically store large amounts of data.

Using an external hard drive is similar to using a flash drive. You must have your device and the connection cable. Once connected to the computer, you can drop your files into it.

It should be noted that the speed of data transfer varies from one hard drive to another and from one computer to another. The fastest are those with SSD technology.

Choosing The Best Unbreakable External Hard Drive

Using an external hard drive helps protect the most important data and preserve it from deletion. In order to make your choice, several criteria must be taken into account. Storage capacity, resistance as well as data transfer speed are the most important when choosing your durable hard drive. 

These are to be adapted according to your needs and your use. Indeed, it is interesting to choose a fast data transfer hard drive for people working in the field of computing. For students, the most interesting thing is the large storage capacity of the product. Your usage is the only determinant of the best unbreakable external hard drive to buy.

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