Is It Important To Generate Web Traffic?

Is It Important To Generate Web Traffic?

Web traffic is one of the obsessions in any digital marketing strategy. Although, indeed, this metric is not the most relevant for most businesses – unless we are talking about media or verticals whose product is precisely the content – it is indeed the basic KPI for everything the rest. First, you need traffic and then turn it into a lead, a customer, or a loyalty.  Every web project has among its main objectives that of obtaining web traffic to reach a greater number of users and enhance its growth capacity.

If no one visits, then It is useless to have the best web design, a site with a wide variety of functionalities, and the best offers and content. Increasing the traffic of a web page, blog or e-commerce must be among the priorities of those responsible for digital marketing of a company, and for this, they must design specific strategies and campaigns for it, as well as optimize the website to get it to appear in better positions in the Google search results or SERPs.

What Is Web Traffic?

When it comes to web traffic, it refers to all those users who visit the company’s web portal, be it a corporate web page, an online store, or a landing page.

Web traffic comes from different channels such as searches in web search engines, through email links, social networks, and references from other websites, among others.

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What Is The Importance Of  Web Traffic?

It is essential to increase the visibility of a website and reach a greater number of potential customers or users interested in the theme of the website. The main advantages of generating traffic and increasing visits to your website are:

Promoting The Brand

Promoting a brand, a company or a product/service is much easier if a large volume of visits is generated on the website. Increasing the web traffic of a site is a great strategy to make the brand known to a larger audience. By measuring the  traffic of an advertising campaign or other type of digital marketing activities, it is possible to know the scope and success that it has had. By analyzing this data, the next campaign or action can be improved to reach a greater number of people.

Developing Conversions

Among the objectives of a website are conversions, or the actions that users want to take, such as a sale, a subscription, or a download. The greater the volume of visitors to a website, the greater the possibility that these types of conversions will take place.

So increasing web traffic leads to an increase in conversions. This advantage is very important in the case of eCommerce, where the sales of products or services are its main objective. The greater the traffic that a virtual store generates, the greater its sales.

Optimizes The Website

The higher the traffic of a website, the easier it will be to detect errors, bottlenecks, and other types of poorly optimized elements (for example, discovering where and why users leave the website). With the analysis of web traffic, the necessary actions can be taken to correct all the problems and weaknesses of the website and thus offer a better user experience to visitors.

Know Your Customers Better

With traffic, you have more information about the users who access the web in search of information and optimize it to offer what they demand or need. Web traffic allows knowing the profile of the users who visit the site, making it easier to know their tastes and needs. The audience can be segmented to target the potential customers the website is targeting by analyzing web traffic.

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