What Are Social Networks, And What Are They For?

What Are Social Networks, And What Are They For?

Social Networks : What would be the answer if we think about one of the things we use most of the day? Certainly, the Social Networks. They have become part of our life, we follow them daily, but we don’t think much about them. In addition to entertainment, they are also a means of work for many. For example, you can train with Esneca with the Master in Community Manager and learn how to use these tools.

Social Network

It means “social network.” But what is meant? In the case of the social network, it indicates a web platform service that allows communication between users and the exchange of information and digital content. In other words, the purpose is to facilitate the management of social relations by enabling the communication and sharing of content in different ways (text, image, video, etc.). These platforms are usually freely downloadable from websites or specific mobile applications. They allow us to communicate with anyone, at any time and anywhere in the world, usually for free.

What Are They For?

Social networks, born in the late nineties but becoming more popular in the following decade, allow users who use them to create an appropriate user profile, organize a list of people to stay in touch with, and publish their own stream of updates. And, if desired, to also access that of others. It must be clarified that the latter aspect depends both on the social network in question and the privacy options each uses in their profile. Mainly it depends on the use you want to give to your social networks.

Most Popular Social Networks

There are different types of social networks, and they have uses and functions that adapt to all needs, let’s see some of the most used:


Definitely everyone’s favorite instant messaging app. Thanks to the emoticons and the status update, he reached the peak of success.


One of the most famous social networks, it allows you to share something about which others can express their opinion or not through the so-called Like or Comments. It is used at a social and corporate level for sharing texts, videos, and images.


You can post tweets (short messages of 140 characters) that any user can read. It is the founding social network of the so-called hashtags (#) and is used especially in exchanging ideas in the political and economic sphere. The goal is microblogging.


It is an app for sharing short videos and photos and in which you can like others’ photos, but above all, insert more hashtags to catalog images and report particular trends. It is the home of influencers, brands, fashion bloggers, and companies.


The app is definitely excellent for videos, music, and tutorials, but it is also a starting point for those who want to spread their talents and make themselves known. It allows anyone to share and comment on a video, create their channel, or follow that of others.


It is one of the favorite websites for professionals looking for work. It is dedicated to those who want to do business and share work experiences, skills, and discussions with a professional career as their theme. Its focus is professional networking.

Social Networks And Companies

It is proven that companies that use social media have had greater growth in terms of turnover than companies that do not want to know about social networks. To make this work plan work, you need to understand the age group you communicate with and want to interact with. This is why ongoing studies indicate the percentage of people who use a particular social network and in what area. It also depends on the type of product the company wants to “sell” and the “target audience.”

All large and medium-sized companies nowadays have a website that can also be navigated from a mobile phone, but being on a social network is another matter entirely. Having a social profile does not imply using formal language, but you can talk to potential customers more engagingly and directly. You can talk in real-time and involve the customer by organizing initiatives dedicated to them, thus making your brand appreciated.

Professions And Social Networks

There are several professions that you can choose if you like social media. Let’s see some of them:

  1. Community Manager: manages the communities of fans and customers, trying to improve the brand’s visibility through social networks.
  2. Brand Manager: he is the one who develops and manages the brand identity of a company.
  3. Web Content Specialist: manages the contents of a website.
  4. Copywriter: collaborates in creating original content for companies (texts of any type).
  5. Public relations specialist manages the public image and communications with social media, newspapers, TV, and other customers.
  6. Data analyst: the modern union of market studies and marketing strategies.
  7. Graphic designer: he also collaborates in creating original content for companies, but on a visual level (images, videos, etc.).
  8. Model: it can increase its visibility practically for free.
  9. Influencers or YouTubers are people who have managed to find a way to get noticed and take advantage of social networks to earn money and, sometimes, become famous.

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