What Is CDN And A Review Of CDN’s Core Services?

What Is CDN And A Review Of CDN’s Core Services?

CDN – What Is It, And How Does It Help Us?

CDN (the acronym for Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers distributed worldwide whose purpose is to make content accessible to surfers from the closest server from a geographical point of view. Let’s say you have a Cloudways server and have chosen Frankfurt as your server data center. This is where your site is stored, and requests from web surfers to access the server are processed here. 

This site can be very fast for European surfers, but surfers from the US or Hong Kong will experience slower loading times when they arrive at your site. The purpose of CDN is to decrease this distance by making your site’s content accessible to users from the server closest to them geographically. To limit the user’s loading time when they load your site’s page, CDN keeps a copy of your site’s content on servers worldwide.

Benefits Of Using CDN In WordPress Sites

The use of CDNs is critical to the speed of your site, it reduces the load on your internet server and accelerates the accessibility of the pages, files, and content on the site to visitors and thus improves the user experience significantly. These are the benefits of using CDN in WordPress sites.

  1. Faster Load Time – significantly reduces page load time when your content is already on the CDN server network.
  2. Traffic savings – using CDN reduces traffic consumption as user requests go not directly to the storage server but to the CDN servers.
  3. Security – Using CDN adds an extra layer of security to your site as the CDN can resist DDoS attacks and recognize potential weaknesses in WordPress sites.
  4. Improved SEO rating – site loading speed is a major factor in your site’s rating in Google. Using CDNs significantly improves site speed and indirectly improves your user experience, which will improve your Google rating.
  5. Improved User Experience – Improving WordPress site speed using CDN reduces abandonment rate, makes surfers view more site pages, and performs more tasks quickly and comfortably.

3 Main CDN Services

The benefits of using CDNs make it clear to us how important it is to use them in WordPress sites. We have examined the three most popular CDN services for you.


Cloudflare is a company that provides digital cloud services. The company offers a popular and highly recommended CDN solution for WordPress sites and pretty much any site. Cloudflare’s CDN network is powered by 155 data centers distributed worldwide. The main advantage of Cloudflare is that you can use the free high-quality program, including CDN, to improve site speed. In addition to Cloudflare’s free program, you can purchase the Pro program for $20/month, the Business program for $200/month, and a customized program for large companies.

Cloudflare has some advantages that make it the best CDN provider in the world – with the use of CloudFlare CDN, you can add an SSL security certificate to your site, warning about possible weaknesses and protection against DDoS attacks. In addition, using Cloudflare’s CDN improves your site’s page load speed by an average of 100%, which makes it more accessible to surfers, improves the user experience, and improves your rating with an integrated promotion in Google.


BunnyCDN is a fast CDN service founded in Slovenia in 2015. It provides various CDN solutions, including worldwide data centers (including some in Italy), advanced security features, including SSL security certificates, and file storage capabilities in servers of the company’s cloud.

BunnyCDN is an efficient CDN service and WordPress add-on that is easy and convenient to manage. It has been gaining traction since its establishment and making its way into the list because, unlike other companies offering CDN services, it also provides a simple solution for cloud file storage. Furthermore, in BunnyCDN, the pricing system is very economical for the customers, and it is possible to choose between 2 different types of pricing: location pricing allows access to all BunnyCDN data centers, and charging starts from $0.01 per 1GB of traffic and up to $0.06 per 1GB of traffic, according to state. 

The second pricing system is based on the volume of monthly traffic you use: up to 500TB for $0, 005 for 1GB, and the more traffic increases, the more the cost increases. BunnyCDN also offers an optional cloud storage service at a monthly cost of $0.01/GB; you can try the service for 14 days for free.


StackPath is a cloud and computing service provider that bought MaxCDN in 2015. Even before the purchase, MaxCDN’s CDN service was trusted and popular. Since the purchase, the StackPath Company has provided IT and security services and the CDN service, including DDoS attack mitigation and additional protections. StackPath markets its CDN services mostly to businesses (B2B), including large companies like WP-Rocket with its CDN service called RocketCDN and Cloudways with its CDN service – CloudwaysCDN.


Using CDN is very important for large organizations and sites with lots of content, and it is equally important for small sites as there is no reason not to use this service. The use of CDNs reduces the load on servers, strengthens site security, loads content according to the surfer’s geographic location, and significantly improves the speed of your site. 

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