Phishing – What Types There Are And How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

Phishing – What Types There Are And How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

Phishing : In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the dangers inevitably change as well. All internet users are confronted with phishing almost every day. This article shows you what phishing is, what types you should know about, and how you can best protect yourself against it.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a fraud attempt usually carried out electronically on a large scale. The scammers often send targeted emails, which the recipient finds challenging to distinguish from real messages. Emails are usually structured so that the recipients reveal sensitive data if they do not recognize the attempted fraud.

The scammers usually pretend to be well-known companies or institutions, often from the financial sector. The goal is, for example, to receive customers’ access data for online banking. Employees in companies are also often the target of phishing attempts.

What Types Of Phishing Are There?

Scammers are now using many types of phishing to steal victims’ sensitive information. We present the kinds of phishing below.

  • Social Engineering: Social engineering is emotional manipulation. Recipients will receive a message with an urgent request for action, such as clicking the IRS link to avoid a hefty fine.
  • Smishing: This type of phishing is a combination of SMS and phishing. The scammers send an SMS asking you to click on a link, automatically installing malware. It is often about an alleged package that can be accessed via the link.
  • Pharming: Pharming involves redirecting all traffic from a website to another website created by scammers. From there, they then have the opportunity to access sensitive data.
  • Spear Phishing: Here, the fraudsters select companies or individuals in advance and collect information before they start an attack attempt.

How Do I Recognize?

Unfortunately, recognizing phishing at a glance is becoming increasingly difficult due to the professionalism of scammers. Nevertheless, you have a few starting points that will help you to identify phishing.

The easiest way is to pay attention to spelling and grammar. If you see any errors here, this is the first indication of a phishing email. Since most scammers do not send messages to a specific person, a personal salutation is usually missing.

In many phishing emails, tremendous pressure is exerted. This means recipients should quickly and urgently enter access data or click on a link. If you are unsure, you should never do that. Call the company website via your browser, log in, or use telephone support.

Also, pay attention to the header of the Gmail email. Is the correct company logo included, or is it an imitation? Also, if you’ve never received an email from the company before, that’s another clue.

How To Continue Protecting Your Web Projects

Phishing is not only an increasing problem for private individuals. Even if you plan and implement your web projects, you should protect yourself as best you can against attacks. This works best with the help of a certified provider like Mittwald.

Safety plays a significant role for Mittwald. The ISO 27001 certification also certifies the international standard for information security.

Mittwald regularly trains its employees on the latest security issues to inform customers in customer service, via social media channels, and on the blog. To prevent social engineering, for example, they only provide information on telephone support if the caller gives a personal verification code.

If you use an unsecured contact form on your website, there is a high risk that spam messages will be sent in your name. Mittwald has developed a way to check its customers’ contact forms. If an unsecured form is found, that can be sent automatically. An info email is sent to the customer.

Mittwald – The Web Host For Professionals

Phishing is a topic that affects more and more people in the private and business sphere. Mittwald supports you in protecting your web projects right from the start and regularly checks security gaps.

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