Whatsapp Marketing: What You Can Do And How To Do It

Whatsapp Marketing: What You Can Do And How To Do It

WhatsApp, today, is one of the most used communication channels ever in the world. Therefore, companies should also consider and include it in their marketing strategy. Suffice it to say that, in over 180 countries, active users on Whatsapp are as many as one billion and 600 million, and the instant messaging service is first for the number of downloads and active users per month. As shown by the We Are Social 2022 report, WhatsApp has recently recorded a twofold development rate contrasted with Facebook. WhatsApp Promoting can significantly impact a business today because of the various capabilities offered, which we will see below. 

What Can You Do On A WhatsApp Business Profile? 

In the first place, on WhatsApp, it is feasible to make a business profile of your business by entering the organization name, the location (which can be seen on Google Guides), the email address, the opening times and the site. Moreover, sending a programmed welcome message to all clients who compose interestingly or following 14 days of idleness in the talk will be conceivable. A programmed message can likewise be set to be sent in the event of non-attendance, for instance, during occasions or when the organization is shut.

Nor should we underestimate the possibility of creating quick replies (a beneficial function for quickly replying to customers’ most frequently asked questions) and checking the statistics of the messages (in particular, how many of these have been respectively sent, delivered, read and received). Through the business profile, it will also be possible to receive the recognition of a “verified” (if the badge in the profile is green) or “confirmed” (if the badge is gray) company. Instead, if the badge is gray with a question mark inside, it means that Whatsapp has not yet confirmed or verified the activity. Finally, the app allows you to create groups, and label and catalog contacts, a valuable function for finding messages quickly. 

How To Best Use Whatsapp For Your Company: Advice 

Many strategies can be adopted to improve the user experience on WhatsApp. Still, among those who manage to retain new customers more efficiently, there is, first and foremost, an informal tone of voice: users are used to communicating on WhatsApp quickly and genuinely, without formalities or technicalities. They will appreciate the fact of finding the same “human” tone. Secondly, organizing your product catalog well is essential, which will act as a “virtual showcase” for customers. 

You can upload up to 500 products or services to your profile, always including an image, title, price, description, product code and product link to the website. Not everyone knows it, but WhatsApp Business can be used for communication with your customers, colleagues, and employees. You can communicate with up to 256 people at a time and send documents and pdfs in chat. Another helpful trick is to connect the WhatsApp profile on the desktop of your work PC so that you can use it more efficiently, even for any video calls.

Organizing contacts and chats well is also essential, as is cataloging everything with labels. In this way, it will be easier to divide messages according to priority and understand which customers return more than once. Finally, a good strategy is to use Stories and Status often, especially to make important announcements. Instagram itself teaches that users love to view and interact with stories, and in this way, the engagement rate will increase.  Ultimately, thanks to this exciting tool, the customer experience will improve considerably—a valid reason to include WhatsApp among the tools to be exploited to enhance your business. 

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