Why Mobile Heats Up And Solution To Fix It

Why Mobile Heats Up And Solution To Fix It

Mobile Heats Up And Solution To Fix It : It’s nothing surprising that mobiles get hot from time to time. However, there are some that can reach a fairly high temperature and this can have serious consequences, especially in its operation. Today we are going to explain why your mobile heats up and some options to solve it.

First, it is important to know that all Smartphones today heat up at specific times. If this happens only sporadically and the temperature it reaches is not very high, there is no need to worry. The problem occurs if your mobile overheats frequently and sometimes it seems that you carry lava in your pocket, then it is good that you look for the reason and put a solution to the problem.

You must see which part of the mobile is radiating heat. This will determine where the problem lies and help you remedy it.

Battery Problems

If the area of your mobile that heats up is the back, the problem is probably the battery. To find out if this is the case for your device, you can use the USSD code *#*#4636#*#* to get information about your mobile usage.

Some phones, such as those of the Huawei brand, do not accept this code.

When you enter the menu, you must go to the ‘Battery information’ section. Here you can observe, among other things, the temperature of your device. The normal temperature of a mobile at rest should be between 30° C, although if you have been using more powerful applications or have been playing recently, the temperature may be around 40°C.

Within the section ‘Battery status’ you can see if there is any incident. If it shows us something other than ‘Good’ (for example, ‘Unknown status’), you must restart the mobile and access the site again. If you still see the same message, you probably have a faulty battery and it is advisable that you change it.

Problems With The Charger 

If you do not notice that your mobile only overheats when you charge the mobile, and is especially noticeable in the area where the charging pin is located, the problem may come from the charger you are using.

This usually happens when using a charger that has not been approved by the manufacturer of the mobile. Intensely use another and see if the problem continues. If not, throw away the old charger.

Performance Issues

If the two options that we have explained above do not turn out or if your mobile overheats in other places (screen, headset, top, etc.) probably the mobile overheats for other reasons. These are some of the most common reasons.

Video games

Video games are usually the main reason that a mobile overheats because they have an optimal quality, almost unbearable for a device the size of our mobile.

For this reason, in order to make them work, we need our mobile to have special features (especially a powerful processor).

If we have a terminal with limited or very basic features, not only the experience of the game is but, but our mobile will overheat and over time can break.

Even so, even the most powerful mobiles get very hot after several hours of play. As good as the specifications of our mobiles are, these also have their limitations, so we must take it into account.

Apps open in the background

Sometimes it can happen that you have left applications open that are working. Live wallpapers, various time, time and date widgets, media players. If all these are active at the same time, the CPU will be forced to work excessively and, therefore, the temperature of our Smartphone will increase.


There are several factors that will cause your phone to heat up such as the size, the type of processor or the replacement of a part. If you notice that your mobile begins to heat up after you have changed a piece, this may be the cause. You must communicate it to the place where you have repaired it so that they inform you.

As we say, the internal hardware is a determining factor when measuring the temperature of a phone. This means that a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will not heat up the same as a Xiaomi Redmi 9A, even if it is from the same manufacturer. A battery in a normal state can reach 30 degrees, but this is indicative, and there are models of mobile phones that can reach much more being their normal temperature above 37 degrees.

Below we will see a list of the mobiles that heat up the most after a few hours of use.

  • OPPO Find X with an average temperature of 38.35 º
  • Nokia X7 2018 with an average temperature of 37.89 º
  • Smartisan Nut Pro 2 Special Edition with an average temperature of 37.45º
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 with an average temperature of 37.39 º
  • Black Shark Helo Game Phone with an average temperature of 37.11 º

As you can see they are not the most common models on the market, even so, if you own one and you have noticed that your phone gets hotter than normal, you know that here is the reason for the chosen hardware configuration.

Applications That Help You Control The Temperature Of Your Mobile

Although it seems strange, there are several applications in the Play Store that serve to monitor and optimize the temperature of your mobile. Here are a few:


Coolify provides a series of changes in the processes of the mobile that allow it to be maintained at an optimal temperature so that its correct operation is guaranteed. The use of this app is very easy, since it has only one function: to keep the device at a low temperature.


This app tells us what are the mobile processes that are giving rise to the warming. It is similar to the ‘Battery Usage’ menu in the Android settings, but with the temperature.

CPU Gauge

This app will also help us monitor in real time the CPU and battery utilization on Android. CPU Gauge also notifies us when the battery reaches high levels.

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