Will We Spend The Future In The Metaverse? Here You Can Know

Will We Spend The Future In The Metaverse? Here You Can Know

Imagine you go to work and you don’t have to leave your house to do it. How does it work? With the help of virtual rooms! We can work with our colleagues, just as if we were sitting in a real office. Meetings, presentations, and focused work occur in these new digital spaces, in which the social component of a small coffee gossip is present. All of this works from the comfort of your own home. If you want, in your favorite sweatpants.  

This is how the Metaverse of the Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) wants to change the way we live. We no longer have to leave our homes to work or school. Because we meet with colleagues or classmates in virtual worlds to learn, work and exchange ideas. Your favorite band is playing a concert on the other side of the world in the evening? And would you like to participate? No problem, because in the Metaversum you can participate in the concert in real time.

A Digital Universe Of Infinite Possibilities: What Is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is THE new huge project from Facebook, which as a company made a clear statement last year by renaming itself Meta Platforms. With this, the founder Mark Zuckerberg clearly shows the direction of the company’s future because the focus should be on the new virtual environment Metaverse.  Mark Zuckerberg’s vision envisages a parallel world, a virtual space on the Internet where digital communication should occur. The Metaverse is intended to enable users to navigate the Internet without hurdles. Zuckerberg envisions the Metaverse as a meeting place where people – with the help of avatars – can work, play, meet, and learn. In this way, physical and virtual realities are mixed. 

Meta Starts With Major Investments In The Virtual Future

With the Metaversum, Meta wants to revolutionize the Internet and make it the successor of the mobile Internet. The goal is to reach one billion people in this decade and turn hundreds of billions of dollars into the digital market. Meta is already working on the most important step, creating virtual spaces. In 2021 alone, the company spent ten billion US dollars on researching and developing its new universe. In the European Union, 10,000 jobs will be created over the next five years to advance work on the Metaverse. Matthew Balls, a venture capitalist at Roundhill Financial Inc., also predicts that the Metaverse will be a trillion-dollar business, accounting for 10 to 20 percent of the world economy. 

Competition From Other Tech Companies Is Increasing

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Co. are not idle when creating new realities using Virtual Reality (VR) or expanding our world through Augmented Reality (AI) techniques. Some developments are taking on much more concrete forms than the Metaverse. But it remains to be seen which ideas will prevail among users. 

Microsoft Wants To Introduce The First AR Extension For Teams In 2022

Microsoft is following concrete designs when it comes to creating virtual realities. At their Ignite developer conference, they presented the Microsoft Mesh application, which is intended to be the first step toward a digital world. Microsoft Mesh represents an extension for teams in which meetings can take place in virtual rooms. In this way, users can immerse themselves completely in the world with VR glasses or project virtual elements into the real world with AR technologies such as the HoloLens. Mesh is expected to be integrated into Microsoft Teams as a mixed-reality feature in the first half of 2022. 

From Gaming To Working To Learning In The Metaverse

In Mark Zuckerberg’s vision, users can move numerous activities into the Metaverse. This makes it possible to meet friends in virtual rooms and work directly with colleagues from the home office. The sense of the presence of a shared office arises, and random interactions lighten up the day. Even in our free time, the Metaverse offers numerous employment opportunities. This allows users to do sports with friends currently on the other side of the world. It should also be possible to experience concerts or sporting events without being physically present. In addition, the Metaversum promises a new way of learning by allowing users to travel to another time and experience history up close.

Risks And Ill Effects Of The Metaverse

There are always two sides to a coin – even when creating a new virtual universe. Experts see risks and negative consequences as well as opportunities. One of the big issues researchers interviewed by the Guardian see is a need for more equality if not everyone has access to the Metaverse. 

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