Know About Nest Airwave & Best Ways To Save Power

Know About Nest Airwave & Best Ways To Save Power

Nest Airwave, a Nest thermostat function, can improve air conditioning efficiency. AC compressor shuts off, but the HVAC fan maintains running so that air continues circulating through the chilly inner coil, resulting in even more cooling. However, even if the AC is turned off, cold air will still come out of the car’s vents because of the Airwave feature

The Airwave function on the Nest Thermostat switches off the compressors of air conditioners while maintaining the fan’s operation, therefore blowing air across the still-cold compressor coils. A home’s airwave system is activated when the house’s relative humidity is low enough to be effective. This feature allows users to save money and live happily with Nest thermostats.

Can Nest Airwave Saves Money On Energy, Heating & Cooling!

Most HVAC systems contain a built-in stove top burner in the air handling unit, and natural gas burners are used to heat the air in the furnace. A closed system containing refrigerant is used to transport heat from a home’s interior to an outdoor compressor and condenser system during the summertime. 

The air conditioner employs a coil to remove heat from the building as the refrigerant runs through it. The ventilation unit’s coil usually is situated just above the fan and oven. Even though the house’s blower makes a lot of noise, the air it pushes about is doing much good. The Nest thermostat uses this idea to save energy by utilizing airwaves.

Operation Of Nest Airwave

The air conditioner compressor and blower motor have different power requirements, and the nest airwave feature is intended to use this. The nest airwave feature turns off the compressor before it supposes to save energy and keep the fan motor running. As a result, users will use less electricity, and the air conditioner will run more efficiently. The fan keeps circulating hot air over the cold wave even with the compressor switched off to make the most of the air conditioner’s already-cooled coil. It allows users to save energy by not using the condenser.

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Nest Airwave Setup Guide

It is possible to use the Nest Airwave feature with the Nest Generation E and the Generation 3 thermostats. The following instructions will walk users through setting the Nest Airwave on a Nest thermostat.

  • As a first step in setting up a thermostat, users need to download the app, install it, and configure it.
  • Nest’s settings icon (a gear) is located in the top right-hand corner of its app. Open the nest and select the settings icon.
  •  Click the Airwave menu option at the bottom of the display.
  • Drag the menu button to activate or deactivate nest airwave

Three Ways A Nest Airwave Can Help Users To Use Less Electricity

Users can make the most of the Nest device by taking advantage of these three little-known but beneficial Nest capabilities that we have included in our ultimate guide to innovative home technologies. In no particular sequence, here they are.

Use IFTTT To Set The Nest Temperature To Match The Outside Temperature 

Users can use the Nest Smart Thermostat to ensure that the house is always at the right temperature. When living in an area that has the potential to be subject to sudden drops in temperature, these recipes can come in handy. When the temperature outside falls below the chosen level of comfort, users can automate the home’s interior temperature settings using’s outside temperature data and accessible custom settings.

Nest Auto-Tune Solutions Help People Save Money & Energy

Nest is an innovator in the home automation business, so the company understands the importance of utilizing energy at the right moment. To address this, they will launch two new initiatives called “Automatic Adjustment Technology“: Rush Hour Rewards & Seasonal Savings. During the day, when users are not paying attention (sleeping, early that morning & more ), Nest’s Seasonal Savings Program6 changes the home’s temperature automatically.

Use Airwave Integration To Conserve Energy When Running Air Conditioning 

After the compressor is shut off, Nest’s Airwave utilizes the chilling period while the fan still runs to get a few additional chilly spells through the air conditioning system. This function is only accessible if users have central air conditioning, and nest’s Airwave uses the traditional central air conditioner’s physical design.


The second rule of thermodynamics is enforced when the compressor’s fan blows air over the cooling coils. The compressor coils reduce the room’s temperature by cooling the air as it goes through. The fan requires less power than the compressor, so keep this in mind.


An air conditioner’s compressor is its beating heart. Additionally, following Newton’s second law, it includes a refrigerant for cooling the metal compressor coils while in use. Once the compressor has been turned off and allowed to cool, the coils will continue to cool.

Is AC Necessary For Understanding Airwaves!

The compressor and the fan are the two most energy-consuming aspects of the air conditioning system. The compressor requires a lot of power, but the fan only needs a small amount. When the temperature is attained, other thermostats switch off the air conditioning. After the compressor is switched off, the compressor coils will continue producing cold air for 5 to 10 minutes

Airwave, a proprietary Nest technology, makes use of this. Rather than shutting down the air conditioner, Airwave uses a fan to push air over the compressor coils while the compressor is still cold. For such airwaves to work well, it has to be as dry as possible, which is why it comes essentially with every Nest device.


With the aid of Nest Airwave, users can reduce the HVAC system’s energy consumption and improve its performance. Even if the air conditioner isn’t running, users still get cool air through the vents if users have the Airwave function turned on. Investing in a Nest Thermostat is an excellent way to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.

FAQ’s On Nest Airwave

How does Airwave work?

As soon as the compressor is switched off, the nest determines how much it could achieve cool. Nest will switch off the compressor when not in use, allowing users to save money at home, work, or driving.

Is it possible to use Nest Airwave at home?

This system needs low humidity in one’s house to work correctly. The nest will execute the complete cooling cycle if the humidity level is high enough to cause mold. Users can use this method no matter where they are, especially in locations with significant humidity, and humidity in the room prevents it from working.

Is Airwave operational at all times?

When the indoor moisture falls below a particular threshold, the nest turns on Airwave automatically. Nest has determined that this level is the best for the house. Users can see Airwave on the Nest display when it activates.

Do Nest Airwaves save users money on their utility bills?

In the summer, Nest Airwave could help users conserve electricity. The electrical system is most prone to overload at this time of day. With a smart thermostat, users can lower their yearly energy use by 10-15 percent. In peak demand, users can cut the network’s overall power usage even more using Nest Airwave.

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